i topped the plant and it not growing back after a week

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sun4095, Feb 24, 2023.

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    so i top the plant on the 6 node it been more than a week and there still no sign of growth
    this is my first time growing outdoor did i do anything wrong or it just normal
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  2. Once you remove that growth it doesn't come back. Turns the one main node into two, which are either side of the topped area. Supposed to do it sooner the 2 new mains on either side are already grown.

    You'd top your current tops
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    At one of those 3 areas. Allowing the two new growths on either side to assume the main top role

    Like if I wanted to top this plant I'd remove that main stem those two growths on both sides would become my mains. That center main would be no more

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  4. thanks for your reply! so i understand now thank you
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  5. You can do it on as many or as few as you like. Theres no set number, I'll only top the tallest growth. Rather that be one today and 3 next week, just the tallest ones up until I'm a couple weeks from flower. Using topping as a training method. Removing the tallest growth allows the lower growths to catch up making the canopy more even. Personal preference

    If you're growing outdoors a even canopy isnt as important, imo sun does all the work. Outdoors you'd more so be topping for added mains if that was your preference. Personally I dont do anything to outdoor plants but separate limbs and use slight defoliation so the sun hits every growth. Again personal preference, you'll develop your own methods by trying different scenarios and seeing the outcome
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