i too went to the ghetto for weed

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  1. so this deal is through a friends friend and that friends friend lives in the ghetto. me and my brother were out trying to score an ounce of some baby dro which is some dank brick weed and is really good for the price around here. so we get to the guys house and give our friend the money, he goes in and ten seconds later he starts running out (but his pants are so low it looks like he's jogging) and were like what the? he gets in the car and hes like go man go, and were like what happened? did you get the weed? and hes like go go! we turn the car around and start driving away, we ask him for the weed and hes says no i didnt get it, i got a gun pulled on me and they snatched the money right outta my hand. and he was like man! there were a whole bunch of mexicans in there! so were bummed out as our friend is shaking saying how hes gonna shoot them all up, but he never does. so we still need to get some weed cause my brother had some deals to make so were like do you know anyone else who can get some good regular? so he calls his friend up and his cousin deals and he had some baby dro too so were like alright cool, we picked up his friend and were off into the ghetto some more to his friends cousins house. so this is a friends friends cousin deal and these guys come out all edgy and grabby as shit and make us pull into the alley on the side of his house. So we give our friend more money and him and his friend go make the deal and come back with a sack that didnt look nearly enough. so we throw it on the scale and it comes out to be 12.2 with the bag still on. so our friend feeling sorry as hell buys us forties and we go home with over 200 dollars stolen from us.

    moral of the story: only hit up your main dealers.
  2. baby dro is premature dro. it is NOT more dank than regular dro. Trust Me. I live in chicago i know what im talkin about
  3. 1: what does chicago have to do with shit
    2: "baby dro" is not premature "dro"
    3: you got robbed by your "friend" twice.
  4. Grow your own man, city dealers can be way sketch. Its hella easy, you can get a cheap setup for like $75 and some seeds for $30-60
  5. i was just was tellin a story that was in chicago and baby dro was what it was called not scientiffically named.
    and we made him empty his pockets, he didnt have anything

    i still live with my parents, i need to get a good job.
  6. that was stupid as hell to buy from him a second time dude he didnt get robbed he robbed u i hate to say it but i promise u he didnt get robbed thats why when u finaly get the sack it wasshort cuz he knows he can get away with it
  7. Dude I would have anonymously tipped the police about the guys on your first stop.
    Seriously, if it was me I would have gone home come back with my M4 and seen what they did then.

    I've been jacked before a few times for big $$$, since then I said fuck that this shit is never happening to me again. Its you or them.

  8. lol

  9. really???
  10. Im also in the Chicago area, and I see baby dro a lot. I dont think its premature buds though. it goes for cheap too.
  11. ouch.. hopefully a lesson learned! i remember one of my friends gave some dude almost 300 dollars for a qp. said he was going to go into this apartment building. slipped through the back door and they never saw him again. .

  12. I hope you made him take hid shoes and socks off too, cause if I just jacked 200 and pinched a half off you I would not keep that shit in my pocket.
  13. you couldn't find weed in the hood 'round my way even if you were looking for a pound.
  14. after the first time getting robbed i probably wouldnt trust someone from the same area that i just got robbed in for a while haha that sucks man ur out like 300$ and ya boy definitely got that money in the shoe or some bullshit ur boy is fucking u out cause hes the only one that dealt with those dudes
  15. Yes really, why the hell not?
    They can wave their Bersa 308 piece of crap all they want but they will shit themselves when they see an assault rifle with 5.56 nato rounds aimed at their ugly mugs.
    Best way to get your shit back is intimidation, you got to let them know that what they stole isnt worth what your gonna do to them.
  16. yeah but if these guys are in the hood im sure if u come at them with a gat theyll come right back and actually shoot you back, idk man just dnt fuck around in the hood unless its like a 20 bag haha
  17. Let me think....you are going to go to the "ghetto" and intimidate someone with an assault rifle. I see one of two things happening:

    1. You get shot by the people that are way past the intimidation stage.
    2. The cops end up shooting the guy with the assault rifle.

    I think the brain would be my weapon of choice in this situation. The OP has learned a lesson about who to trust and who to not buy from, and he didn't get caught or hurt in the process. I'm new here so I'll leave it that, but in my experience the lower profile you keep the better. Running around an urban area with an assault rifle = not a low profile.;)
  18. went to the ghetto today.... paid 40 got 2.3 of some crazy ass haze... amazing
  19. quick question, how much are shrooms for the chicago area? my friend is trying to sell me an eighth for 50...

  20. those are the prices in NY also 40-50 depending on quality

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