i told a few friends that i grew over a year ago... is my grow safe?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DankSmoker2181, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I'm growing 3 plants. and a year ago i told a few friends. i know it was stupid :mad: i learnedly lesson to tell nobody. there not really my friends any more we did not hang out for along time. i told them a few months back to that i stopped growing and it's cheaper to buy it. because i told them i get cheap good bud from a connect. do you think they believed me? they looked that they believed it. did you think they forgot i grew. and am i still safe growing. my main worry is security.
  2. In the bush or your backyard?
  3. backyard.... but i don't think they would steal it. at first i told i grew a a plant or 2 in my closet. i told them i sold my light to somebody else and quit.
  4. Well then they might come snooping just to be sure.

    do not even tell your mom.........
  5. well I'm going to purchase security cameras and drive way alerts.... and would there be any chance that anybody would snitch? only a few people knew. many people told me that they grew. like one person said they grew 15 plants. so it's not a bug deal. well in a few years Im going to move out so i will be fine.
  6. In most cases it's not the person you told. It's the people they told.... And who they told...
  7. still it has been a long time. it's not it's on peoples mind that i used to grow and i quit. people forget. people have more important things to think about. the more time passes the more they forget.
  8. Thats how you get ripped friend.

    Facts is you messed up and told. Now you have to deal with it. Alarms your grow or sleep next to them. You must be thinking about it for your making threads on it.

    My first 3 grows got ripped until I fiigured I could not even tell anyone. I got two of them back after they were ripped. I told and showed many friends. Never again.

  9. are your worried that you will get in trouble with the 5-0 because you showed your plants?
  10. Back before I was legal I only grew in the bush. So I was not worried about rats.

    Having ilegal plants in your back yard means you cannot piss off anyone that might know about them. Like girlfriends,friends and neighbors. Say you get in a battle or fight with one of them. The first thing they will do is call the cops and tell them about your plants.

    Kiss everyones ass and make sure you give your neighbors lots of the tomatos and veggies you grew. it hard to rat on a nice guy. Easy to rat on a asshole. Thats how I see it.

    As far as your freedom? Only you can make that call.

    Half my veggie gardens is left on neighbors porches or handed to them.

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