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I throw up every morning

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Shmerk, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. So I have been a regular smoker for about 3 years now. This didn't start happening to me until early this year. Earlier this year I was smoking dabs heavily. My first dab of the day would always make me throw up. Now when I say I throw up I mean that lightly. Its less throw up and more what me and my friends term as "kabobble". I basically just bring up a bunch of what looks like saliva and occasionally yellowish stomach acid. At the time I was certain it was because I had smoked so much the day before that over night my stomach and lungs were trying to recover and then when I would wake up in the morning and I'd start the whole "irritation" process over again. For about a 3 month period after this had been happening for awhile, I moved in with my parents for the summer and slowed smoking down significantly as well as started smoking only weed. The "first smoke of the day throw up" had gone away for the time being. Now, present time, I am back in my own place and still only smoking weed(no dabs). My fear was that smoking so much dabs was like literally coating my lungs and stomach with... dabs. I know thats stupid, but that was the fear. Anyways, so now, still only smoking weed(but at a higher frequency than over the summer) I have begun to kabobble on my first smoke of the day. I am concerned. I have plenty of daily smoker friends who do not have this problem. Am I dying?(kidding, hopefully) Should I just slow down? What the fuck
  2. i know someone that took Pepcid when that gag reflex occurs, and it helped tremendously.

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  3. Its CHS. Thats one of the most typical symptoms. Not surprising since you do dabs. You'll have to take a 6months to 1 year break.
  4. what is CHS?

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  5. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

    I have no idea if that is what is causing your problem but this is the CHS to which the other poster was referring.
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  6. Sounds like morning sickness:laughing:
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  7. oh, sh!t, i am pregnant...

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  8. That sucks I use to be like that with alcohol when I drank liquor everyday. Foam and stomach acid every morning. Figured it was my body telling me to slow down but, what do it know?
  9. Thanks for the link on CHS, that is crazy.

    As far as OP, your body is telling you to not don't. I'd you're not able to stop then that is the difference between a stoner and a druggie and you have a whole other set of problems and should seek real help, not on forums.
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  10. what better place to seek help than a forum of experts?

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  11. it is awesome to share, and i passed along the info to my own son so he may be informed. never underestimate the opportunity to help others.

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  12. Go see a doctor it can be anything that's causing this.. a bunch of stoners on a website can't really diognose you.
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  13. Your dead.
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