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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dudeimoncoke, May 19, 2010.

  1. I just picked up an eighth of some "sours". I didn't have enough time to really examine it when I bought it since it was outside on the sidewalk but I put it in my pocket and walked away. I didn't think it looked all that great until I walked into a store. I was looking around trying to find a Snapple and the smell of weed started to fill the store. Within seconds the whole store smelled of weed. It was funny watching everyone else walk around sniffing with an expression on their face like, "who the hell is smoking weed?". And now, I can break in my vaporizer.
  2. haha was it sour diesel...that shits is stanky as fuck
  3. That could have ended up so badly

    And I love your posts because your avatar cracks me up everytime
  4. ^^ haha i gotta be honest, i pictured Chappelle in that store stanking of weed when i was reading it
  5. hahha, yeah. thats how i first got busted. last year with the rents i had about an eighth of lemon sour diesel, and my uncle called the cops on me because i "had illegal firearms" in my room. now, with my family- my friends and i are the only ones whoever go into my room. i was detained, and showed a search warrant. all they found was my sour diesel, and my bong. terrible terrible terrible :/. fuck you uncle! haha
  6. ^ I imagined him saying it. When I read it it was in his voice.
  7. ^^^ haha what, i would go build some pipe bombs label them with various building names and plant them in his house and call some po, see how that goes down HAHAHHAHAHAHAA
  8. Holy shit. I just got done vaping some of the weed and came back to this thread. I didn't realize I posted it so I was halfway through a response to the op and I realized I was talking to myself.
  9. " then i realized i was talking to myself, ON CRACK" in Chappelle voice, im sorry dude, ill never be able to take your post seriously with that goofy fucking avatar eyeing the salt shaker behind me
  10. This is what I do after every post I make.



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