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  1. Can someone tell me why the small leaves comiing out of the buds are dark dark green and drooping downward????? 4th week of flowering. They seem to be doing well but I just have this one question. Water everyother day. 1000 hortilux 28 inches above the plants.....In soil. Fans in and out of room exchanging air...If you answer thanks alot for the info. I've posted and noone will answer.:confused:

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  2. Its not that they will not answer, it may be that the right person hasnt looked at your post. Sometimes it takes a few hours. Sometimes days.

    Ive asked questions before and didnt get an answer. I soon found out that I had asked the same question that has been answered over and over again.

    Just be patient, someone will post, if they dont, then spend some time reading older posts and piece together your own conclusion. Many people think there is something wrong, when in actuality, everything is perfect.

    I now just check these two pages, if your leaf is on that page, it tells you what your problem is and what to do.




    Good luck.
  3. Thanks. I really appreciate the info.....Your probably right. I'm just panicking....:smoke: I feel better already....hahahaha
  4. No problem.

    I know what you mean. Just dont jump to the first reply, a lot of bad info gets passed around. You will slowly start to spot out the members who know their shit.
  5. I'll give my opinion, FWIW, based on the limited info here. Looks like you may have excess nitrogen. In my experience that leads to really dark leaves that, if it goes to far, will eventually turn brown and curl downward.

    More info would help. Like pH and fertlizer use. Watering every other day also seems like a lot... but it could be fine.
  6. Thanks for the info. My ph is 6.7 and I'm using a potting soil. Its my first grow and I'm happy so far. Room temp is 78. As for watering I water when the pots get very light. Thats all I know. I don't have all the fancy gagdets if you know what I mean. Thanks for your imput.....:hello:

  7. Exactly this, but I wanted to add that sometimes heavily Sativa dominant plants do this of there own accord and there is not always much you can do. They are from stock that grew in crappy N depleted soil. If the soil is even fractionally too heavy in Nitrogen abundant stuff, or the nutes are more designed for a dark thick green Indica plant, like 'normal' nutes, you get an N overdosed plant....yours is just a little tho. Maybe it's a bitchy Sativa plant like my Thai's...the bud will be good :D
  8. Thanks Skunk. I appriciate it. The plants look very nice and the buds look good and smell good. I'm in the fourth week of flowering and the colas are really growing at the tops and the buds are all over the place. I'm so excited. I put alot of time and effort into this which started out to be a joke. I never grew anything and had it live. This is my first effort. I just vegged the damn things to long. 14 weeks. I didn't know. Now I have 6 females that average 5 feet tall in a 4x6 man made tent....Blankets, towels, sheets etc. hahaha. For what I have I'm a very happy camper. Next grow will be in my new closet I just got done with...What a chore. This was supposed to be easy. hah My second grow will probably be a disaster cause I think I know what I'm doing now...I'll keep ya posted. stay in touch. Its nice to have someone to ask questions too. Thanks again.....2 fas4u

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