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I thought ill share this, what are your thoughts?

Discussion in 'General' started by TR4FF1C, Feb 12, 2014.

  1.   "Two weeks after VICE finished filming in Crestone, after reading and posting many verified reports from official, semi-official, and expert sources, I concluded that all official accounts were deceptions, especially the charade that TEPCO was removing fuel rods from the Spent Fuel Pool at Reactor 4 ,which was most likely destroyed within of the earthquake. There is no way to determine-given Japan's new State Secrets law-the true extent of original damage, or the ongoing, uncontrolled release of radiation into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean, which has continued without pause. After reading this i was bummed out , my high went away . your thoughts? 

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    Welcome to Earth...The people here don't seem to really care for it.
    What can ya do, right? :cool:
  3. But seriously are people that stupid to the point where there head is shoved up there ass? and not noticed whats happening?
    Yep. :cool:
  5. lol i guess everyone die some way
  6. this is why i hate humans...even myself i do my share of pollution an it fucking sickens me :/

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