I thought ill share this, what are your thoughts?

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  1. http://www.vice.com/vice-special/apocalypse-man-part-5   "Two weeks after VICE finished filming in Crestone, after reading and posting many verified reports from official, semi-official, and expert sources, I concluded that all official accounts were deceptions, especially the charade that TEPCO was removing fuel rods from the Spent Fuel Pool at Reactor 4 ,which was most likely destroyed within of the earthquake. There is no way to determine-given Japan's new State Secrets law-the true extent of original damage, or the ongoing, uncontrolled release of radiation into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean, which has continued without pause. After reading this i was bummed out , my high went away . your thoughts? 

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    Welcome to Earth...The people here don't seem to really care for it.
    What can ya do, right? :cool:
  3. But seriously are people that stupid to the point where there head is shoved up there ass? and not noticed whats happening?
    Yep. :cool:
  5. lol i guess everyone die some way
  6. this is why i hate humans...even myself i do my share of pollution an it fucking sickens me :/

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