I thought I was just buying some dirt

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  1. I got an eighth of some stuff that turned out to be OG Kush for 70 bucks and I'm tow up. Gotta love the good things in life. : smoke:
  2. 70 for dirt? where do you live
  3. No I just thought I was going for dirt I was gonna get 7 g's of it. I just got lucky.
  4. ill sell u 7gs of dirt all day
  5. Did you get 7gs or a 1/8th?
  6. What the fuck. Where do you live? Goddamn 10 dollars a gram for dirt? Someone is buttfucking you hard. But i mean if those are the prices... Good shit getting some og kush. I doubt its actually OG but i mean dank is dank bro.

    He got the 8th of dank for 70. Fucking crack prices. He said he thought he was getting the quarter of dirt for 70 though.
  7. 1/8 of the kush
  8. It was mids not dirt my bad. Its kind of hard to find super shitty weed here anyway
  9. dude thats still pretty outrageous for an eight
  10. This thread confuses the fuck out of me.
  11. ^ you must live in ny then :cool:
  12. I actually live in mississippi. But it was just a good ass deal.
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    I use to pay 25 bucks an eighth in kelowna B.C 50 bucks for a quarter of premo green, now I live in ontario with kinda ok grass, so ima grow my own.
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    Growing is where it's at.

  15. I went to Mississippi State last year (I am originally from RI) and let me tell you, you guys get fucked when you're buying weed. I had a guy try to sell me a 1/4 of purp for $100 instead I got and ounce of mid for a hundo.
  16. $70 for an 1/8? I can get an eighth for $30.
  17. What is this I dont even...
  18. 70 dollars for a quarter of good fifty?

    hell nahh, id tell my dealer a free dick sucking oughta be comin wit that 70 dollar quarter.

    i get my quarters for 30,of some nice mid, no shit. 50 for the half.
    but eh, it takes years and years to find good connects, and they all end up getting busted one day or another, so im sure this price range wont last forever.

    however,good shit on getting some dank,always love me some gasss:D

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