I thought I was in the Hobbit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokerdoker, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Ok so today was my third time smoking weed. I took 3 waterfall bong hits and about 10 minutes later I'm high. So I realized I was high when I put my sweatshirt on. It looked like you know how those camera's do like the 20 shot burst really fast well thats what my vision was like. So we are In the woods and about half way back we come across a stream there is a bridge but this bridge is only like 3 feet long. So I step on the bridge and I'm like this reminds me of the hobbit so I turn on the song concerning hobbits and I seriously thought I was In the shire. It took me like 3 minutes to get across a 3 foot bridge because that moment was so good. All I'm thinking is dude I think I'm Bilbo or something. Also concerning hobbits has kind of turned into my go to high song. Thats almost all I listen to while high and everyone should do the same its so awesome!
  2. I remember my buddies would talk about that 20 shot burst camera vision thingy back in the day... The first one or two times they smoked they got that shit like crazy I guess hahaha. Unfortunately it never really happened to me :(
  3. Never seen the hobbit but feeling like I'm in any movie is always badass!One time I thought I was in boys in the hood.......Not as fun as it sounds lol.
  4. bitch, you not the hobbit, right?

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