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I thought i had good luck..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by echoe09, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Vent-

    Working on my fucking grow box and i had a gut feeling someone was coming down stairs and yup second after i hear my mom coming down the stairs..

    She comes and looks at the pc (i hid the lights) and says what r you doing?

    Im soo angry right now because she came down stairs because her email attatchment didnt open right so she wanted to see what was wrong.. She just clicked the wrong spot..

    Idk what to do now.

    Anyone want a custom pc grow?

    Fuck My Life

    I know im going to get the your under your parents house its their rules thing, and i understand but i was soooo damn close i was just mounting the fans and gluing the lights and i would been set...

  2. Wouldn't they of smelt the reefer growing anyways?
  3. I'm sorry dude, that fuckin sucks. Bad idea to grow at yer parents house though.
  4. Well if your over 18 it aint right 2 b growing that inside there house.They'd get in trouble for it to.Wouldnt they of smelled it anyways though?
  5. i don't know how you can blame it on her clicking the wrong spot, this was bound to happen.
  6. Well she knows I smoke because I'd rather tell her than hide it from her all the time (kinda contradictory I know lol) and for smell wise I have carbon filtered fans, odor absorbent gel and automatic air freshener. If for sone reason anything smell I'll blame it on the weed I do have lol.

    I continued working on it because it wasn't obvious what it was. But the inside is white and gutted out with fans.. I told her I'm trying to make it work so I could sell it .. ?

    I'm not sure if I should ask her if I can grow or atleast tell her and maybe just grow something else.. Basil? Fuck that.. carnivorous plants.. That's pretty bad ass.
  7. So anyways... Here are some before/after pics.

    Attached Files:

  8. Hell man if she already knows you smoke weed then just ask her if growing it would be fine. Its definitely worth a shot and you look like you have a good PC grow box setup there. Give it a shot and grow some bud, tell your mom its "saving money".

  9. I will work on convincing her, but i asked once and shes like,,. ehhhh.. NO lol

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