I thought I found the perfect spot for a gorilla grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JackHandy420, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I spent a couple hours on Google Earth, scouted the area, and finally found a place that looked perfect. Water source near by, over grown and little traveled trail 100 yrds away, clearing with high brush. Then I saw them. Empty potting soil and manure bags from last year.:eek: Doh, don't look like I'll be growing there.

    Back to the drawing board.
  2. Wow, that sucks! Looks like it was a good spot, and I bet the person will return too. I'd be careful if you plan on going back. I don't like rippers..
  3. No bro, I'm not a ripper. I did stumble on an outdoor crop of 20 or so plants years ago, they were just about ready to harvest. I grabbed a mondo large bud off one plant for my troubles (I was hunting, and didn't have any weed). but left the crop for the grower. I could have filled my day pack up, but it was a karma thing.
  4. damn man dats crazy...how was tha bud u picked
  5. Tasted like shit, way too green and harsh, I smoked it out of a beer can I found there. But it did the trick and I was thankful to have it. I cured it when I got home and ended up with around an eighth after a few days that was pleasantly smokable. I've always wondered what they though when they went to harvest, and the huge top cola was pinched off of the plant. I wonder if they even noticed, or realized how easily their whole crop could have been for naught had it been someone else who came through. (or maybe someone did, they had used the same route way too often and there was a trail forming)
  6. Wow you def. got some good karma for this act.....

    I would not have had the self control to avoid snatchin at least an ounce :devious:
  7. Agreed... But to be honest, I wouldnt take shit, I'd be afraid they'd have people watching it.
  8. Yeah, I would of done the same. I think anyone would! I'm just not a fan of taking a persons whole plant haha

  9. Yeah ive seen lots of places around my city with google earth that have mad water sources around, and trees all over, im sure theres lots of places i can go in there and find a place, but ile bet anything theres handfulls of other growers puttin shit in there.

    What if i killed all my males but still got seeds XD.

    Yeah i wouldnt want to ruin someones work by taking the whole plant, i just couldnt do it. But i would take a sample.

    I wouldnt really worry about someone watching a plant, id assume i just came across another growers plot.

    But if it were like 20 plants, i might be kinda scared, but i know my urges to grab a little would override my fear.

    If there were 20 nice flowering females, hell id take atleast an ounce :p. Then maybe leave a note that says

    "Choose your spots a little more wisely. You might not get so lucky next time".
  10. Just grow somewhere else and don't make tracks or leaves bags obviously. It takes time and is a crucial aspect of success to find the perfect invisible spots. Good luck!
  11. That gorilla´s growing again.
  12. It's guerilla, like small war (guerra) in Spanish.;)
  13. Too right, Corto.

    THIS is a gorilla.

  14. DOH! no wonder I wasn't turning up much when I searched for it to find pointers for picking a spot.
  15. LOL! No problem man!
  16. Yeah I'm lucky no-one that I know that grows, uses Live search, or google maps.

    I gaurentee there will be people looking to ripp plants this year, there always is. They don't care what time it is, they will relocate the plant/s. So I pick my spots thinking like a ripper. Also the tips here on GC are great and Corto is throwing out information in like every thread lol

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