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  1. So last night my guy friend had a party. i've known him all through out highschool and he's been my good friend the whole time .. but lately he's been pretty dtf and really desperate. The only people he's had sex with are 2 of my good girlfriends. 
    So he invites a bunch of people over, i get drunk as fuck and he kicks everyone out at about 2ish and i just stay there cuz he says i can sleep over cuz my house is a good 30min walk. So we're lying in bed and he keeps trying to kiss me and im kinda not down cuz im drunk as fuck and tired.. then at one point he says are we goin to hook up or what and i say no i just want to sleep. So i turn over and try to sleep and he just flips shit. He tells me to leave and get out and how i was being a tease the whole night. It's about 3 am at this point and im like fuck im so drunk are you kidding me you want me to walk home now, So he kicks me out.. and im like fuck what do i do im gunna die if i walk home. so i call my friend and they come get me.
    Next day i text him saying "Last night was fucked you were a terrible friend, Thanks for kicking me out at 3am and not letting me sleep over. i dont want to talk or see you" He has not replied or apologized. He has talked to my other friends about it but thats about it, hasn't said a word to me.
    I'm honestly rly sad and hope he apologizes cuz hes a good friend. idk what to do? did i go to far with the texts? or was he a straight up asshole cuz you just dont do that to a friend no matter how fucking horny you are. 

  2. Hes being a major dick for not apologizing, but you gotta figure last ngiht he was drunk and probably horny lol. if he doesnt apologize fuck him and dont talk to him until he does.
  3. Not a good friend.

    Cut your losses.
  4. depends on how long you've known him... you say all throughout high school is that 2 years? 4 years? It really depends how close of a friend, like how often did you do shit together? If it was a friend I'd do shit with once a week I wouldn't cut ties over that but I'd chew that person out big time. If it was a friend I didn't really hang out with outside of school and just knew from classes I'd cut ties cause thats cold as fuck. 
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    Are you serious?! Don't be stupid, tell him he's a foul pig, he crossed the line and he doesn't deserve your friendship! If any guy did that to me, regardless of how good of a friend he may have been, I wouldn't even question what to do. Don't let anyone be that disrespectful to you and then offer them forgiveness, because if you do they'll just continue to treat you the same way and you'll have nobody to blame but yourself.
  6. You lay in bed with him drunk as fuck at 3 in the morning after a party?

    Think about what your saying..

    You should have at least asked to sleep on a couch or something.. If a chick readily hopped into my bed, drunk, at 3 in the morning, I'd be expecting to fuck too. Him kicking you out was probably drunk frustration. If not, he saw no friendship in you, and he's currently looking for someone else to attempt to fuck.
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    This ^ plus:
    If a guy sees a woman as sexually attractive, then the guy will never see her as a "friend," although he may treat her like one. The only true female friends that guys have are fat, homely, or otherwise not fuckable.
    He may not immediately pursue the sexually-attractive females, but will usually keep them as "irons in the fire," spares on the periphery of his life that can be pursued if need be.
    Or she can be a welcome sex partner if she suddenly falls into his lap, figuratively, or in his bed, literally, as in the case above.
    So ignorant.
    OP, I have slept in a bed with many women before and it doesn't imply there is sex going on just because you're in the same bed. I'd probably say good riddance to your "friend," as he hasn't apologized and he was definitely in the wrong, regardless of what he thought was implied that's no way to treat someone your friends with. If it's a misunderstanding then so be it, "Oh I thought we were fucking? We're not? My bad." it's just that simple, it doesn't need to be a huge dramatic scene where he makes you leave and walk to your house(what happened to him not wanting you to do that? Only applies when he thinks he's gonna put his dick in you?).
  9. you were drunk and didnt fuck, sure you were drunk?
  10. In his drunken haze I'm pretty sure it looked like a big invitation. I've tried it myself, except I never drink. Its happened three times to me, I invite a couple people over, we chill and when it's time to head home I don't mind if people crash at my place. I'll invite friends into my bed because it's huge and awesome. The first girl was clearly dtf, the second girl wasn't so sure to begin with and the third girl was clearly in my bed to sleep. Silly females, you should make it clear before you jump into our beds, it IS where were the majority of our dirty deeds are done.
    Your "friend" still sounds like an asshole though :(
  11. I think you should probably only speak for yourself and not generalize about all males in this instance.
  12. He's a dick. No way he deserves your friendship. The fact that you're even questioning whether you should have him back in your life boggles my mind.

    It's not like he took you home or gave you money for a cab. He straight up kicked a female out of his house at 3am. You could have been raped or kidnapped and ended up on CNN for all of us to see.

    Dudes not it.
  13. why were you sleeping in his bed... if a female slept in my bed we're doing something. 
  14. Dude's a douche. I've had plenty of females sleep in my bed before without sex involved. Now, if at some point during the night you were all up on him, acting like you wanted it, then i could see where he got confused. BUT, to me it sounds like he just saw an opportunity to try and get his hot friend to bang him and when he failed he just got pissed. definitely not a friend you want to keep.
  15. Cue the internet white knights looking for brownie points.
  16. Even if we were really good friends, if were both drunk and in my bed at 3 am, I'm probably going to try something or be expecting something. If nothing happens and get shot down, not going to kick you outta the bed, you're a good friend lol.

    I say he's in the wrong but being drunk definitely made his thinking worse. If he doesn't apologize I say to cut him.
  17. I'm confused, because she fell asleep in his bed, he had the right to think she wanted sex?! I've fallen asleep in plenty of my male friends beds and they had enough decency and respect to not try to have sex with me. Then, she tells him "No" and he gets mad?! That's not a friend and that's not how any woman should be treated, regardless of where she fell asleep. That's low.
    I need no brownie points. I'm actually getting ready to be married, just can't stand dudes like the OP's friend. I already have a daughter and if some asshat did something like this to her, I'd be at his house the next morning to give him a "talk".
    Haha, someday when you grow up, you'll figure it out.
    Coming from a female? -- that's pretty funny. My buddy's wife is 59 and she still doesn't get it. She never will get, nor will you, because you're not men and you don't know how we think.
    sorry had to double post because these are words of truth. any man who doesn't understand how to treat a woman is not a man at all.

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