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  1. I title this "Jack"

    The year is 1957 and Jack is 18 years old. Born and raised in New York city. He's a city slicker with a sharp mind. Jack has always had strong beliefs. He is the type of person to let you know what he believes in. One thing Jack believes in is cannanbis.....and he isn't afraid to tell anyone....infact he loves to discuss the facts of cannabis with the "sheep" of society.

    Never has Jack lost a debate over cannabis because he hits his opponents with the raw truth. Jack isn't credited now, but one day he will be an important person.

    Now flash to present time.....Jack is 70 years old now and has recently suffered a heart attack......Long live Jack Herer!
  2. Anyone appreciate this?
  3. What is this supposed to be?
  4. Just a mind tease....what do you know about Jack Herer?....and I mean the person, not the strain.
  5. hm. interesting. to be honest i don't think the guys gonna live much longer but i like him. good activist. i woulda voted for him.
  6. Yes, he isn't in good condition. What if someone especially made a new strain of cannabis that stops you from having heart attacks.....It would be named "Jack's heart"...of course that wont happen, just a thought :smoking:....On a different note, I wish the kids that think the Jack Herer strain is just another mysteriously named strain would read this thread and then do a little research.

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