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i think weed will be legal in...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aidenmurrey, May 16, 2010.

  1. In NH a bill was defeated by our lovely Governor Lynch because he feels it is unsafe to give pot to those dying, or with medical conditions that have been approved for marijuana use in other states. We are surrounded by states who are extremely lax on pot, yet we seem to be stuck in the dark ages here. Such a shame to live in such a beautiful state that is so backwards.
  2. Well about 6 months for us hear in cali :hello: B ut im a legal patient and im only 18 so i hope the law doesnt screw me over. they should have exceptions for patients

  3. So they are going for 21? Thats odd, what is the obsession with 21, how is it any different from say 20 or 22. Who picked 21?
  4. Its going to be voted on, but don't be so sure it will pass.

  5. ha i second that
    21? wer they high when they decided 21 was their favorite number lol:hello::p:p
  6. Just grow your own. You can grow your own tobacco legally, and it is easy. Most people are too lazy, or just assumed that it is illegal. I have 65 tobacco plants in my yard now, and it's legal without paying any tax or getting a license. If weed was legal it would be treated like any other plant as far as growing goes.

    It's also on the ballet here (oregon).
  7. I hope that either that vote doesn't pass or, if it does, it still allows medical marijuana for patients 18 and older. I am going to be upset if I get to San Fran in the fall only to find out I have to wait until 2013 to smoke. Especially since I legitimately qualify for medi-marijuana...

    As for the original question, I think the latest will be around 2035-2040, once all the baby-boomers have died out.

  8. true i dnt see how the government comes up wit these ages...its like we cant make choices of wat we want to put in our bodies.
  9. I think we will see it very soon with cali on the forefront of the country, we will see the benefits of taxing weed and then other state will hop of board and than the government will hop on board when they see how profitable it really is... Then we will have legalized weed...
  10. with the new laws coming up in Cali the shit may spread country wide maybe, i hope
  11. gotta vote on the laws first...

    hopefully people don't get too stoned to go vote :p
  12. no way in hell there passing that bill in cali...
    too many corrupt ppl and there still having troubles simply having dispensary open right now...
    id say about 6-7 years it will start legalizing.

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