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i think weed will be legal in...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aidenmurrey, May 16, 2010.

  1. 10-20 years. there are still a lot of people to convince and more who are willing to fight any kind of bill passed. i think that some states will have it legalized but not others. sorry if i hurt any ones buzz.
  2. i dont think so
  3. Hmm well I it's legal I think things will get harder for us because it will be taxed and shit so I think it's all good but what's gonna happen in November??
  4. id rather be taxed than thrown in jail or pay fines
  5. Much agreed.
  6. Hmm well we should hope that happens but 21? Damm that's too old they should just do it at 18?
  7. Right now it's much easier to get weed than alcohol if you're under 21. Hopefully if it's legalized for people over 21, that it won't be as hard to get to get as alcohol.
  8. I estimate 2050 :) Idunno why.. just a random number
  9. If it's considered an intoxicant and can impair driving it's logical to have it at the same age requirement of alcohol. That aside, alcohol should be 18 anyway, damn you madd. :rolleyes:
  10. I don't think weed should be legal at all. If it was legal we would probably have huge marijuana corperations (like marlboro with tobacco) that would put horrible chemicles in the weed like arsenic, cyanide, and tar which are all found in cigarettes. Plus i would be out of a job

  11. I second that. Because they would be puttin other chemicals in weed and it wouldn't be the same.

  12. But you overlook the fact that if weed was legal, then you would be able to grow it yourself surely?
  13. A: It sucks that you'll be out of work, but being okay with 800,000 people going to jail every year and tens of thousands dying so you can keep a job is seriously lame. No offense...

    B: I don't believe that cigarette/alcholo companies will ever get into marijuana distribution; the coffeeshop/dispensary model is wayyy to popular and well established in the community.

    I believe in 5 years you'll see almost zero enforcement against personal users. In 10 years effective legalization and then in 15 to 20 full legalization.
  14. tobbacco is legal yet im pretty sure illegal to grow without license.
  15. 2050.. what a long shot.. Try 2011, 2012 even.... its really not that far in the future...

    I'm voting to Tax and Legalize Cannabis in November, you better believe it.
  16. i think it'll be legal in 10 yrs, and if for some reason the govt puts toxins in weed then we'll just grow it ourselves, it'd just be nice 2 not have 2 hide the fact i smoke and be able 2 grow as much weed as i can w/o worrying about being caught, i honestly dont think there will be toxins in weed, i just think there will be sucessful growers and "name-brand weed" lol, imagine going into wal-mart and buying a big bag of weed because it had another rollback sale :smoking: (oh and if you guys in cali get it legalized i'm so moving there asap haha)
  17. Honestly, and I'm probably going to get flamed for this, I don't think it will ever be legal.

    Some people will never agree and you can't change their minds.

    Sorry, but my opinion.
  18. ^^^Yeah but they'll get old and die and a new breed with be calling the shots.

  19. right on, each new generation is more liberal and progressive than the previous generation, viva la youth!

  20. completely true!

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