i think weed maybe should stay ilegal

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  1. Yeah i was to bro, chill
  2. I can't believe how many heads the sarcasm in that comment flew over. It's gotta be one of the most flagrantly sarcastic comments in the history of GC, yet people still take it literally.
  3. Yes, let's all be chill to bro. I don't want to see anybody being at all unchill to bro here. I to bro, "chill"
  4. Nigga stfu
  5. Let's just all try to remain chill. No disrespect intended but sometimes, especially if I've been drinkin, I might make a post so stupid that everyone in the thread is now dumber for having read it.
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    I mean I smoke weed everyday, and I'm heavily involved in politics, not a public office or anything. I just stay involved with the groups whose causes and actions share my beliefs

    Happy toking!

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  7. If you can't have alcohol you can't have it. Some people are alcoholics in recovery like me. It will be almost 3 years. Pot never made me into a liar cheat and a theif, nor did it interfere with my daily living. Cannabis is nature's plant and so it coca and opium, but it's what you do with it. People from the coca and opium producing countries have there own remedies using the natural uses of the plants. When man gets involved, sit happens. I Alma so a recovering opiate addict because of a bad back and some shifty doctors back in the early 2000s. Certain strains work better for my pain then this nasty suboxone. Natural is always better. They use "magic" mushrooms to get ready for death or for PTSD and other ailments. All natural. One man made drug called "Molly" is used for the same things as mushrooms. I'll stick to cannabis for my pain. By the time I'm off the suboxone I'll get my medical card by the end of January. Yay.

    ....Snarf Snarf.
  8. Nice post, nice username. Good luck with the back problems, seems like you're on the right track.
  9. The only people who benefit from weed being illegal is drug dealers.
    I hate people who don't support legalization because they gain from it.
    They hurt everyone.
    In fact they're the reason it remains illegal because of trafficing it's so stupid.
    Because they believe if they make it illegal.
    More 'harder' drugs will begin to float around.
  10. It doesn't make sense. I've never gone into a liquor store and been told that they were all out of booze but i might want to try some x, y, or z. I have however visited a drug dealer and been told that he was all out of weed but I might wacky to try x, y, or z. If people only buy weed in a weed store then they won't come into contact with anyone trying to push something else. Legalization will significantly shrink the black market by legitimizing their most popular illegal substance.
  11. Right and they can tax it as well, just like they did in Colorado. It brought like 2 million dollars in for education.
    It's quite beneficial.
    You can't catch all the drug dealers, but you can cut them off.
    It's an unstoppable force you can't stop a 'plant' from being trafficked around.
    It's really just an endless cycle of wasted time.
    There's people getting shot out there, and they're chasing marijuana fiends.
  12. Honestly people they claim Cannabis should stay illegal probably has never gotten in trouble over it. As far as being on paper & cannabis being a level 1 schedule drug the courts don't take it lightly. I've been extradited & Sheriffs came in my house & literally dragged me out because of a supposed missed court date for bud. I was extradited to another state on a warrant stemming from a charge that was at the time 1 1/2 years old! Though it was never proven that I did the crime I copped out to probation because I didn't have the time to go back and forth to trial. Bottom line because of this charge, both jails made money from me sitting in there, the lawyer made money only to talk in front of the judge for 20 minutes & weasel his way with the DA. The DA gave no fucks and wanted to put me under the bus because no DA wants to lose a case no matter how old and simple it is. The moment the judge told me that she didn't even want to sentence me for anything and said she HAD to because it's the law. I realized that this plant being illegal is the most crooked way ever. The only reason why Alcohol prohibition was ended is because there was TOOOO many deaths going on because of it being illegal. Not too many people are dying because they are trying to sell weed. So there isn't a uproar for a change until now people are realizing how much money of the tax payers is being spent. Keeping the plant illegal and causing ppl to have felonies and misdemeanors on their records for years to come is the way the government keeps money on their pocket & not in ours. They know it's hard to regulate it because laws are being implemented to allow people/patients to grow their own. If they grow their own then no one is going to go to the shops and pay tax on the plant. "SO THEY FEEL" keeping this illegal just FUCKS all the people who indulge. First time I was arrested was because I had a joint with a half gram in it on my person. If you still believe this should be illegal so the police can put you in cuffs over .5 then you have some serious thinking to do.
  13. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I have been through a lot in my life and have seen alot. All I do today is try and help people. I have no problem saying I'm a RECOVERING alcoholic/addict. Tobacco is the gateway drug. It was harder to quit then alcohol or opiates pain meds. Yes cannabis is a schedule 1 but as the law says a schedule 1 has no medicinal properties. Well cannabis does and is being prescribed as medicine so Obama was going to raise it to a CII/scheduled 2. I am on Marino a CIII/scheduled 3 synthetic the pill which helps a very little because it's so weak. Alcohol has destroyed more lives in a year than cannabis has in 10 years. If you are predisposed for addiction you will most likely get addicted. I was trying to correct my birthday polar and borderline personality disorder. I'm not in anyway ashamed or embarrassed talking about my sickness. It isn't my fault. I have taken care of it and now I have to get my back and sciatica pain down. So this is where the medical cannabis card comes in. I'm on Suboxone which is the only pain medication I will take because you cannot get "high" as easily as other opiates plus it has an opiate blocker and it takes away all my pain most of the time. The side affects are horrible. You cannot have kids because it destroys your testosterone. It is taking 7 months to get off of it. I was on it for almost three years at the max dose so it will take awhile to come off. Cannabis helps me more than suboxone. I need to smoke because the subs get me nauseous. I have seen so many people in my place that just go back out and use instead of smoking first. A little pot won't hurt you like a bag of "Brown will. This is what is great about this country the freedom of speech, but don't come into a forum for cannabis and "start bashing" a plant we all love and believe in. I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds. To all the "haters", won't it be a big "OOPS I'M AN IDIOT" when they find cures to diseases we never thought could be cured. It's already gaining ground on stopping certain cancer. My liver is perfect, oh yeah I smoked pot and it is said to protect the liver from damage along with other organs. I have done so much research on it. Our good ol' government has hid from us that it had a patent on the CBDs saying that they have medicinal purposes......We all have been lid to. The Doctors, police, and any other people you want to name. We just all need to live in piece. I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. We are all about coexistence. Peace and harmony. I also am a Reiki practitioner and use that on my plants and other people to help them with different ailments of the body and soul. Sorry about the rant. Legalizing it will get rid of alot of crime and alot of people will be saved from having to go to a dealer who then offers something different. It will happen, one day we will be free to do as we want to do to our bodies. The Government should have no say. I hope you all have a grateful weekend. Check out my grow journal.
  14. A little shake in my pocket has cost me nearly $10,000 over the past four years.
    Sure would have been nice if it were legal
  15. We can thank the Mexican cartels for the problem we have in this country with cannabis. They grow it in our national forests and pollute them with all chemicals..we as a country need to get together and demand abe road of the people to legalize it. we will still have dry dealers but not as many and if we legalize it dennis country will get a lot of money from the tax any state road benefit just like colorado washington in california are from it. California from the medical side of it. I hope y'all have a good weekend it's beautiful out and now I'm done with this rediculous conversation. Back to talking about cannabis in helping people grow it not bitch about it. Thank you.
  16. Hey avacodo, I'm hoping that was just a goof, if it's not, you should see a shrink

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  17. not everyone will smoke pot if its legal...only some people

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