i think weed maybe should stay ilegal

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by noobgrower614, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. You say that because you've never been roped.

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  2. okay... so...
    Because weed might make us NOT fight the government...
    ...the government should keep it illegal?
  3. Like, what if, like, my, like nuts, fell like off?

    Deez Nugz!
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    Hey hey, try to tell me what to do and think, lol
    Yeah sure I might be a tad more easy going but then in other ways weed can make me MORE stubborn and paranoid.
    I see it as 2 fold, one part is money, that might be most of it however the war on drugs is also used to lock up certain types of people. In some places 50% or more of the people will end up in prison for most of their lives and many times drugs was at the root of their troubles.
    I would love to see customs stopping ALL the hard drugs from coming in. U can't grow cocaine or heroin in greenhouses, it all gets smuggled into the USA--same with Canada. Once in, it causes all sorts of problems but its also used to "get rid of certain folks" and gives the police something to do. The worst the problem, the more funding the police  get.  Where is customs incentive to fully stop the flow of hard drugs when it also is used to give their police buddies more work and and excuse to get rid of certain people ?
    In some parts of the USA and maybe other countries, weed is also used to get rid of certain folks. Oh you got lots of weed, U are a big drug dealer and should be put away for a very long time, that happens all of the time in court rooms across the USA.
    The free USA has one of highest prison rates of the world, we lock up more of the people then any place else. Lets free more of the people and then worry about drugs controlling their thinking too much 
  5. well I'm sure there is a drug for that. just go to any doctor and they will agree with that statement!
  6. weed for me has always led to; meeting like-minded people (people not afraid to challenge authority or whatever), and making good friends. if/when it becomes legal this will probably, sadly end. Just think; what would grass city be if weed had been legal...probably shit! 
    besides i'm never going to stop smoking/growing regardless of the law
  7. Lol Stephen Harper I knew I'd find you on here one day
  8. It's the purge by way of drugs and drug enforcement. First the CIA sells it to you the the piggies come to take it away n lock you up. It's about control over people's minds thoughts and opinions. Throwing everyone that is not part of hitler's pure arian race in jail for cheap labour is just the cherry on top for these dirty shits.
  9. I live in Colorado, and weed being legal is fucking awesome. I know this was posted a while back and haven't read the entire thread, but every single shop around here got a makeover- new glass containers and showcases, remodeled buildings.. shit looks amazing now. It looked good before, but now it's absolutely awesome. You can walk into a headshop and literally blurt out "I'm here for a BONG to smoke my WEED with!" and nothing will happen. They might tell you to mind your voice, but that's unlikely. Chances are they'll point you towards the bongs.
    Drinking is still fun at 21. Weed is still the best after it's legal- I even have a felony for "distribution" of marijuana. I still have the charge, and I'm still not suppose to be smoking, but I'm almost done with probation and I still smoke weed. I have for pretty much the  majority of the last 3 years I've spent on probation. What can I say? I got the system around here twisted in my favor, which is fortunate because I shouldn't owe them thousands of dollars and be on probation
    It's all opinion of course, but more options for smoking at your local shop, a place to always get bud in case your guy is out, and generally cheaper prices due to the influx of marijuana that's being grown. I don't know, ultimately I just like smoking weed and if making it legal makes it ultimately cheaper for myself and my fellow smokers, perfect. Then we can all get high for free and nobody is worried about smoking all of their weed before they get paid again. (Of course "free" is hypothetical)
  10. You guys should investigate psychiatry in nazi germany.
    Same thing is happening here and now, only more subtle and covertly.
  11. [Video] http://youtu.be/Sq0QJOLbl2E [/video]

    Who the fuck is stephen harper?
  12. Weed should be legalized but with age restrictions. Children are already consumed in sodas, fast food, and other health deteriorating stuffs and now government should not permit weeds to be used by children and kids under 18 years of age. It is just my perception so no offense! :smoking:
  13. Which is why kids should consume something that makes you healthier and prevents disease and cures deadly diseases. Think kids shouldn't use cannabis tell that to a kid who's family has a heavy history of cancer and who know's he is genetically predisposed to it, when studies show that tests done on mammals genetically predisposed to cancer using cannabis greatly decreased their chances of getting it.
  14. I think that maybe we should consider marijuana as a possible medical treatment for people under18 but over the counter availability for recreational purposes should be limited to those over 18. Also I don't think a family history of cancer alone is basis enough to start a medical marijuana regimen for a minor.
  15. Maybe not a regimen, but people shouldn't be all up their ass about it it should be treated like other therapeutic plants with little to no negative side effects like saint john's wart, aloe vera, Astragalus etc...
  16. U need to take a hit bro

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  17. Pretty sure he was bein sarcastic
  18. "Like" was the only word I saw in your post.

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  19. The government is keeping so many secrets,some for good some for bad.and each one has a reason.i mean have you seen the movies where aliens come to earth they either attack or don't but it's always the humans who cause war so i guess that's why they keep secrets err for some other reason...anyways I'm just saying stupid shit.anywho i don't think anyone would trust the government anymore.

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