i think weed maybe should stay ilegal

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  1. Well I do smoke pot all the time here's the thing weed hasent turned me into like a pacifist but it like it can so if we all turn into like hippes then no one would fight if the government turned into tyrant situation then everyone would be like oh ya man whatever *takes bong rip* here man take my guns take my knifes right am I wrong or whatever don't be mean thanks
  2. I'm eating hershey's kisses
  3. The only reason i would 't want it to be legal is the possibility of me not being able to grow for personal use. Other than that it would be nice if it was legal. I think you're just really high dude.
  4. I think you're just really high and you're overthinking it. I don't think smoking weed will lead people to overly trust the government.
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    Haven't seen someone overuse the word "like" that much in a while.
    And people that are like that were like that before bud. It was just waiting to come out.
  6. Weed should be illegal! It causes people to become demons and forget their sense of morality. I can't tell you how many people I have seen drown themselves in the forbidden weed plant and become a shell of their former selves. Weed is the worst possible escape from reality period. I mean I may drink and slap my wife around a bit just to set the tone, but marijuana use leads people into thinking about creative solutions to help this forlorn planet and that is not acceptable. Sure I watch midget porn after a few gulps of gin, but at least I don't enjoy my food as much as those plant smoking hooligans. It's illegal because the very reason our society has thrived(despite excessive homicide rates and people being dicks more and more), is due to regulating this terrible plant. Stay illegal marijuana! If you will excuse me, my wife was lipping off and I have to put her in her place.

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  7. Weed should be legal because wine is legal and weed and wine together is awesome.

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    No one should go to jail over weed. Or get ticketed. Or get their weed taken away. Or forced into rehab. Or get raided and have their dog shot over weed (and their children traumatized, if they have any), plus their possessions thrown around/broken/stolen. No one should be forced to take a pee test to prove they aren't smoking a relatively harmless herb. Just no.  :mad: It should 100% be legal. If you don't like government weed, you can grow your own
  9. My GPA just went down after reading this. Good job

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  10. Really? Even after me busting some sick grammar skills? At least I spelled illegal right.........I think.

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  11. Yeah, it could fuck up your life. People can smoke pot and become losers. But guess what? They would have become losers anyway. It's like what you're saying is, the lazy people with no ambition who aren't that bright, pot gets a hold of them and it's gonna fuck up their lives. But guess what? Their lives are already fucked up. You come to certain roadblocks or certain things in your life where you have to make decisions about your behavior and where you have to reassess yourself. If you can't get through the weed hurdle, how the fuck are you going to deal with the real world? Because weed to me is the truth. When I smoke pot, I can say a lot of silly shit and get weird and start talking about the universe but what it is to me is the truth. Anything that's bullshit, anything that's a lie, anything that's misleading is glaring when you're high. Acting is glaring. If you see a movie high with bad actors, it's glaring. If you see a political speech high, it's glaring. You feel the bullshit. People get the wrong impression. It's really a shame, it's not that everyone has to do it. But you shouldn't get upset when someone is telling you an honest interpretation of the positive experiences they have when they're high. - Joe Rogan
  12. It's actually not all that bad so long as you don't take it literally. You gotta look past the surface argument to see the true argument.
  13. I couldn't understand the original post so I stopped trying

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  14. [​IMG]
    lol... I'll just assume you are joking because that is the most ridiculous line of logic I have ever seen.
  16. Only reason I see weed should be legal is the cost stays down. Legal or not I've grown for over 20 years so that will not change. I think if anything hippies fight/protest the government more then non smokers.  In the past there have been many pot smoking freedom fighters and I think the more one smokes the more anti gov. they get "IF" things are not how they should be.  The government has been trying to stop pot for many many years and maybe it's because they know all who smoke look deeper into the government then non smokers..  Never know but legal or not it will always be here. :bongin: :hello: :smoking:
  17. with all the fucked up shit this country is going thru, i'd think they would feel more obligated to legalize it.
  18. Frankly, it costs less to legalize it, than it does to regulate.  Those who grow their own, for whatever purpose, should be left alone. The legal procedure for charging these people with a crime is ridiculous.  We have a real problem with real crime.  Heck, my grandma had weed growing wild in her backyard and never knew it until she asked someone to help her, and they found it. The stuff is worldwide, how can you make something like that illegal? It's ridiculous.  
    FYI: Marijuana was originally outlawed in an attempt to keep 'certain people' from moving into the states.  It never worked.
  19. Sometimes I really wonder about these kids  :poke:

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