I think we should have a how to forum

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by tivaman, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I still kinda new to GC
    but I think we should have a how forum for all the mcgiver smokers to post designs for pipes bongs etc.
    who would i contact?
    and is it a good idea?
  2. Hey man, I think thats a good idea. I think you should put this in the feedback forum. Also you should contact any of the moderators or superjoint.
  3. Yeah I was always asking myself why don't they have that..
  4. it would come in handy so people wouldnt stop asking how to roll blunts joints or spliffs those things get sooo annoying
  5. dude just go buy a pipe/ bong its not that hard
  6. its fun to smoke out of things you made though... however, i never turn down a loaded ROOR:)
  7. sounds like a plan
  8. I had an idea for a recipie forum and put it in feedback but nobody ever replied because it's like a desert there.

    Think about that one too ;)
  9. I like this idea.

    I got a firecracker and blunt tutorial thread that could go in there.

    Jus seen a how to sploof thread.

    Tons of these threads that jus end up on the last pages.

    Should be a forum for them to be organized.
  10. I moved this to General Feedback.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Also to Naughtyneighbor for the recipe suggestion. They're not on the list of Things to Do right now but could be in the future. :)

    Anytime someone has an idea, put it in General Feedback or contact me and IndianaToker. SJ is super busy running his Shop which is why Indy and I are Admins for the City.

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