i think we had a chance but we didnt listen to the words

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  1. hey all
    i was listening to some old shit i grew up on and smoking a sweet and it occured to me that rap music from back in the day was trying to tell us somethng

    im not talking about todays hip hop music but good old fashion gangsta rap

    i mean in the 90's i remember everyone making a big deal about how violent rap music was and how it glories the gangbanging lifestlye and by listening to it, it is going to turn people violent

    so im listening to some wutang and it occured to me that they were not glorifing violence, as claimed by everyone, but rather it was little kids who grew up in poverty and that world.

    totoly differnt world then we live in

    they arnt talking about how great that life is, but rather how terrible it is. and not to live it in their words
    and instead of focusing on that, the people fliped it around and screamed out that rap music is trrible, and must be banned

    am i just crazy now and seing things in a differnt light?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl4K9JrGFPk]Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... [Full Album] - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Wu Tang isn't necessarily the "gangsta rap" they are talking about.

    they were talking about NWA, Dr. Dre etc like, primarily west coast rap because they kinda did make it seem a but glorified

    oh, and Wu is most definitely one of my favorite hip-hop collectives
  3. yea i know what u mean, but still wutang was protryaed as gangsta rap just the same. but yea westcoast did go down harder but now rap music is idk....all about having money and girls and shit while back in the day it talked about their realities of life and what they grew up in....today its like i got this, i got that...i have to say old school seems more poetic and art and someone doing it to tell their story. it was more real

    today its all fake, its just a way to make money
  4. that's because wu is hip-hop and what you're referencing is rap

    i think the difference between the two is major, other blades will argue they're one and the same

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