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I think too much when I'm high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by fjgarza, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. I think that's my problem, i can't relax. Do you guys have any tips to make it funner, cause it's not fun for me at all. I start tripping and thinking too much about where I am, what I'm doing, and other philosophical questions. Does it take a couple times to get used to it. I've gotten high 2 (and a 1/2) times, will I get used to it eventually?

    thanks for your time. peace:smoke:
  2. IDK if youll get used to it so much as how your body will learn to cope with/and function on the high. Its mind expanding. Just let the high take you places you couldnt reach while sober. Dont analyze to much.
  3. Ya thats normal. Keep er' up and you will be able to be baked be comprehensible (to a degree) like me!
  4. i love when i get stoned and i over analyze every situation.

    smoking makes me think of things in a totally different light than when i am not blazed.

    i love how marijuana effects me.
  5. If you dont like your mind wandering and thinking about everything, than maybe marijuana isnt for you? it isnt for everbody. nothing wrong with that either.
  6. You just think that you think too much.
  7. Well, you could take the hindu route and exam what caused the thoughts you are thinking to come about to better understand the materialistic nature of the human soul.

    Or you could just pop in some dark side and just mellow out.
  8. Yeah I don't think its the bud. Though sometimes I can make myself think about all these crazy shit and over anaylze everything I see.

    My opinoun is that its cause ur new. And when your high you probaly are parnoid about getting caught or every sound sounds like a cop. all I can say is jsut relax and don't think about anything and you'll enjoy it.
  9. Well, you could take the hindu route and exam what caused the thoughts you are thinking to come about to better understand the materialistic nature of the human soul.

    Or you could just pop in some dark side and just mellow out.
  10. KEEP SMOKING you will get used to it, after a few months of smoking, buy in amounts to last you a while(like an 1/8) and smoke a few times a week or something and you will get used to it, its a lot more chilled out after youve been doing it for a while or smoke daily.
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    You will get use to it, I use to have the same thing when I started out. I'd feel mega anxious all the time, not able to relax at all. Nowadays I just feel chilled, and I love to link things.
  12. start toking whilst watchin your favourite show, with your favourite drink of choice by your side and some good food. believe me if you start eating, it takes your mind right off of the paranoid thought line! One particular gem I had that cured me of the weed thoughts was stir fried chicken, awesome.
  13. Just smoke as much as your throat will allow you and you get to the point where you don't think and just laugh. It doesn't work for long however. Like just the first 10 times at most.
  14. Man the thinking is so much fun though... I always end up coming up with some philosophical theory or experience some crazy mind-blowing shit when I'm high.

    Try listening to Tool and watching the visualizer on iTunes haha, it's trippy.
  15. try to have a conversation with a friend. or watch tv or video games it will distract you from it probably. but just try to enjoy it if you are telling yourself you dont like it you wont.
  16. Its pretty common when you are new to weed, me and my friends used to come up with these crazy stories and ideas...they still come to you just with a little more control once your body is ''familiar'' wwith getting high

    likewise theres a difference between indica and sativa highs, i personally dont enjoy sativa highs because it makes me think too much or want to do too much. If you are buying just general stuff you cant really control genetics, but if you are buying ''named'' strains starts looking for high indica ones (kush is a classic example of an indica where haze is a go-to sativa)
  17. watch movies or find something to do be active walk to your corner liqour store thats always fun walking is probly one of my top stoner activities you notice way more things than usual

    Play music you really enjoy. Whether it's your favorite songs, or something you think "man, this would sound awesome if I were high" or just something new yo'd find interesting. Make sure you like it. I find it offers something else to think about, and if it's enjoyable or relaxing, then you're definitely better off.
  19. I think you think about thinking too much, haha, but honestly, I don't know if you do it with friends or not but if you do, that helps a lot, you'll have a lot of great convos and do random stuff, but it's always hella fun.
  20. IF I find myself thinking too much I just do something to take my mind of everything...like play guitar, videogames, tv...etc

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