I think this pipe is so cool, do you?

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  1. I use to have it it was my first piece not that great gets clogged quick and it gets really hot just buy a glass spoon at your local headshop
  2. The link wont work for me but I know what it is I know someone who has one and I guess they're pretty cool I tink you need a screen too
  3. i prefer glass =/ plus your link is broken bud
  4. Sorry but that magnet sucks WEE-WEE..
  5. lol you would look so stupid smoking out of that
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    @Op your link is broken but i found the item you talking about. www.grasscity. com/online_headshop/Metal_Magnet_Pipe__Assorted _Colours.cfm when you type the url type it as a whole because i tried adding the link and grasscity changed it to grasscity.com WTF??? anyways i tricked the sneaky bullshit and posted it anyways.
  7. A friend of mine has one. It works well enough but clogs much quicker due to the narrow stem. I'd spring for an inexpensive glass spoon.
  8. I used to have that and like everyone has been saying it does clog fairly easy but nothing that a paper clip cant fix. I called mine magneto.
  9. The link is broke or I would offer my opinion.
  10. My friend has this exact pipe in black. It sucks as a regular bowl but if your out in public tryin to sneak a toke or on a mountain snowboarding its good

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