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i think this might beat a drug dog.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toking noob, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. if dogs smell how we see then based on that logic the less weed u tried to smuggle the lower the risk. like if you were to open up a dresser drawer it would be a lot easier to see a nail over a needle if u guys get what im trying to say.
  2. I go through the south Tx checkpoint plenty, mostly because I go up north for different reasons like travel, concerts, vacations, etc. I have also been pulled over, questioned, searched, and sniffed, as of today I have stayed free of arrest. Usually I don't have to take bud north since, as you can imagine borderland has plenty of low grade, so usually I wont take anything past them, just ain't worth it. Although I have moved on to dank and had a couple times where I either forgot or figured I'd risk it. I've never gotten caught, and yes they have plenty of drug dogs on the cars passing through. First I try not to stay in that lane that has the dogs, if unlucky they do a quick sniff search and fine I get past and go to the officers who are mostly looking for illegals and drugs. The few times I have passed through I did it by just double baggy, in a mason jar, spray a lil and I mean just a lil ozium in the car. I usually keep the weed in the center of my car, just to avoid the dog smelling from the outside edges of the car and well I must say it's worked plenty, once I even hotboxed my car the night before and was fine. I say don't risk it if you don't have to, mainly because no matter where you go, look hard enough and you'll find some mj. If taking the risk is the only thing u got I suggest baggin, sealing, covering and hiding. Having a bag of burger king with half a burger or a few fries also usually distracts the dogs enough, but yea just try not to get pulled over or carry especially if going through spots of high police activity. To bad the gov't can't just decriminalize it already.
  3. Get a meat cooler, cover weed with meat
  4. man do I have something good to say but I'm afraid I might get a knock on my door or something
  5. Someones paranoid, its a weed forum man. Weed is legal to in some states, you'll be fine saying something not even sketch on this forum. If you cant talk about weed on the forum than why be on it illrolling?

  6. Isn't that extremely obvious even without considering their smell?
    Obviously a gram is easier to smuggle than a pound
  7. best way to transport is bubble your s*** into some nice hash and then if a problem arises you can just chow. secondly is to camouflage it so it's not obvious any rookie is going to look in a coffee containerand thirdly if you're going to try and mask the smell do it fresh don't let it sit around before you decide to jump in your car the longer it sits the more the smell will permeateand lastly stash it high as you can out of the dogs smell cone range
  8. write "just married" on your back window, and be dragging a bunch of cans behind your car with bags of weed inside each one. wear a tuxedo and get a girl to wear a dress in the passenger seat. bet it would work.
  9. There is no way to beat a drug dog, police trains their k9's to do false positives when they give a command.
  10. Bloodhounds can track peolpe that have swam aross lakes, climbed trees and run miles. I dont think a little raw beef is gonna distract them too much if they are trained. PLus  even if it did. You dont think the dog reacting to the meet will set of the trainers mental alarms? Dont bring contraband anywhere near law enforcment or law enforcement animals.
  11. ive taken some tracking courses and one of the ways to slow down or distract a tracking dog is to use female dog urine. of course the track dog must be male. if youre in a vehicle, you could travel with a female dog in heat and hope the dogs are boys. depends on the experience of the handler as well.
  12. Don't listen to all the myths and rumors. Under all reasonable circumstances, you can't and won't beat the drug dogs.
    Just avoid that type of situation.
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    [quote name="Mafia93" post="8467100" timestamp="1286156109"]First off, that's an extremely stupid thing to do... Who's to say that the dog was a weed dog? I'm pretty sure dogs are trained to sniff for 1 particular substance. Maybe you ran up against a cocaine dog...[/quote] I was a dog handler in the army. One dog sniffs it all. Coke, weed, explosives. We train them for all jobs. That just sounds retarded. One dog for one drug? Common I can't even type it without feeling dumb. If that was the case they would have a line of dogs to detect different drugs at customs and borders. But it's always just one. Fresh ground coffee surrounding air sealed heavy duty bag of weed will work. But only about 95% of the time. Service dogs aren't given human food so having meat in the car won't work because our dogs are trained to not want that. So that's a dumb suggestion. Listen to my words I'm not lying bro. I was a soldier turned smoker I know how to beat them and what is complete movie bullshit. Most of these posts are complete bullshit. But I have real world military service dog experience for drugs.
  14. If I really wanted to stash some stuff I'd vacuum seal it and then put it into another smaller container so it's surrounded on all sides by wax, then let it harden.  Of course chances are this still wouldn't work.
  15. If you put icy hot on the outside of a bag and then put it in a bag dogs dont touch it at the police station they put icy hot on the females tails so the males dont try to fuck them its messy but works i did it back in school
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