I think this is male, should i kill it?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lipioneer, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a total newbie, this is my first plant. Looks like its a male to me, I just want to have someone verify before I kill it. sorry the pics are lousy.

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  2. yea kill it.
  3. yeah it's totally male man, sorry
  4. Why doesnt it have 5 leafs??? If its your 1st plant why kill it. You can still learn from it while you start some seedlings. Just a thought:rolleyes:
  5. if its your first plant then test on it. try things you wouldnt normally try on the top females.

    after your done kill it.
  6. if you keep it and it's an indoor grow you're going to have pollen everywhere

    ..if you're not careful any future females will get pollinated (I don't know how long it stays viable)
  7. no , just trim the sacks before they open and hell be good.
  8. just kill it, its useless, how about plant some more beans and try to get yourself a nice looking young lady.
  9. ooh, that was depressing, pulled it and 2 clones from the grow room, I still have 5 seedlings, so i'm not too far behind. Hopefully some of these will be female.
  10. heres another question. I had this plant getting light 16 hours a day. The seedlings in the room got the same. now that my attention is focused on the seedlings is the 16 hour on schedule ok?
  11. yea if your vegging those seedling then yea, but an extra 2 hrs of light wouldnt hurt (like 18 hrs)

    best of luck! :)

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