I Think This Dude Has A Crush On My Boyfriend?

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  1. Okay so first off, I don't know much about European culture at all.
    So here's the story:
    My boyfriend and I went to a concert and we met this European guy who was super chill and he invited us to his summer home for a party. We go and it was awesome and he smoked us out. So I had a party and we smoked him out. So now we all chill and smoke eachother out. So this dude starts wanting to pass hits to my boyfriend and he passes them to me as well and he keeps saying how it reminds him of home when he does it. But I feel like he's just using that as an excuse to put his lips on my boyfriend.

  2. Well I am European and this means they already have some type of relationship going besides friends. More than likely they have hooked up and your boyfriend isn't telling you something. I'm sorry to tell you this, but somebody has to break the truth to you.
  3. I don't know when he would have done it. We live together and work together. So the only time were not together is one is taking a piss or a shit.
  4. That's unhealthy! Way to much time together.
  5. That's unhealthy! Way to much time together.
    It actually works out fine. We have our alone time just together when we're doing it.
  6. That's not alone. If you expect any relationship to last, one thing you need is space. I LOVE having alone time, I can't imagine someone being with me 24/7, I would get sick of them.
  7. Why don't you just shotgun hits the way its supposed to be done.  I know I'm not touching lips with any other guy for a hit of weed
  8. I sucked a guys dick once, this is EXACTLY how it all started. Some European passed a joint to me, took a hit, got on my knees and gobbled his 9 incher.
  9. I've met a few European guys before and while it may seem like they are putting out gay vibes, usually it's just them being open, friendly, and showing he's comfortable around you.

    You have to remember us Americans aren't as open minded as the rest of the world and are very ignorant for the most part of other countries customs and culture other than what we see on TV or read in the news.
  10. Pass hits? You mean shot gunning? Straight up high school shit...
  11. Agreed.
    My opinion is it's probably nothing but it sorta does seem like an excuse to be intimate. Maybe it's just counter culture idk.
    My thoughts on passing hits is it's a waste of time. If you inhaled the weed first and get high off of it. Do you think the other person is gonna get high off it too? I mean there lungs just absorbed 98% of the THC, so wtfs the point?
  12. Maybe the kid just thinks its cool?! I used to know this girl who thought it was the most awesome thing, she was always asking "Someone give me a shottie, let me give you one!" We all hated smoking with her because of it but we felt bad so we dealt with it.
  13. I don't know if I understand the situation right.
    The Euro guy is just passing a bowl/joint/whatever, or is he constantly shotgunning him? 
    Maybe the dude just likes to shotgun. :) Seems harmless, but if you catch him checking out your bf's ass... Then I might get a little concerned.
    Nine inches huh? What would that be in centimeters? Oh my!!!
  15. He's constantly shotgunning him.
    He'll do it to me to but not nearly as much as to my boyfriend.
    Yeah but when your making the decision for him on weather its fine or not, things probably aren't fine.
    Just straight out ask him. 
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    Yeah but when your making the decision for him on weather its fine or not, things probably aren't fine.

    Just straight out ask him.
    </blockquote>I'm not the one making the decision that it's fine.
    It's a shared feeling.

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    If hes going mouth to mouth with dudes and you are suspicious to the fact that him and this dude might be hooking up or if this dude likes him things are not fine and i understand how you could think that way, because you are involved but you need to get a fresh perspective, really read all the responses in this thread, they are offering you perspective and your denying all of them because YOU think its fine, when you have 5-6 people telling you otherwise.
    Do what you want but fuck, being suspicious of people is not being happy, not even close. 
  19. youre just way overthinking it it could be hes use to passing it in order
  20. Casually bring up the sexuality talk maybe...?

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