I think things exist because...

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  1. I think things exist because of its potential energy is so strong it by itself is a factor that springs it into existance. (i dont know if this is a scientific theory, it could be) Can anyone enlighten me on this?

  2. This is your own concept, so none of us can do that for you. Try to be a little more vague. :cool:
  3. im dumb or you're smart lol

    or both
  4. sounds alot like Hoshma in Kaballah
  5. like if everyone believes in santa clause?
  6. Things are what we see/feel them to be because their individual atoms vibrate, creating the illusion of solidity. It "becomes" through a completely different process...explain to me what you are getting at with the potential energy :p
  7. Sorry for the late post had totally forgotten about this.

    The large amounts of potential energy within the universe were the trigger to set it into motion, this sporadic motion could have created everything as it reacted with eachother. I think. Although I could be wrong. (this potential energy was due to its large mass and high energy levels) (maybe even a singularity that collapsed into itself even MORE?!!?!)
  8. what type of potential energy are we talking about here?

    gravitational, elastic, chemical, nuclear, electrical?

    gotta be a lil more specific man :smoke:
  9. well if its what started the universe then i would assume all, or atleast most; since perhaps some were created by different factors that changed

  10. I think it makes sense. It could be a theory.

    I think he is saying that say you have a ball and have it 100 ft in the air. Due to potential energy, the ball will fall until it reaches solid ground (or a bigger object due to gravity). If the universe not existing had high potential energy, then for it to go to low potential energy, it "springs into existence" like the OP said.
  11. So are you trying to say everything is made of energy? And when it reaches a certain level of energy, it manifests into a physical mass? Things that are in the making don't have enough energy to be physical?
  12. I'd love to hear someone answer this...
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    This is completely the opposite, humans are actually in this evolutionary process now. In time, we will evolve into energy, it's a matter of human awareness evolving too, though.

    Edit: So when humans reach a certain level of awareness, we can manifest into energy. We physical beings in the making don't have enough awareness to be energy.
  14. evolving life and random collisions
  15. Aren't we already energy? Do you have an example of something that may have manifested into energy?
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    Unfortunately not, because nothing has yet. I guess you could say we are, but it's not pure energy is the thing, that's the difference I was getting at. There's really no other way to explain it until we reach that point in our evolution. Being the fact that there's no proof, you do not have any obligation to take my word.

    There are energies and vibrations in the universe that we can't mentally attune to yet, but in time. (At least while time 'exists' to us, as time is an illusionary measurement that humans have created. There only is.)

    Edit: Or at least nothing has manifested into energy on this planet yet, human conscious is not at a high enough awareness yet. Other planets have though. There's a planet in the Sirius constellation that has a civilization of energy beings.

    Now I know I'm throwing out a pretty bold claim there, but this is what people's subconscious's (subconsciousnesses? Not sure of the plural form) have told us through things like regression therapy and spirit channeling. As far as the validity, these civilizations communicate through the cosmic rays (gamma, etc) and vibrations. In other words, telepathically. If scientists were to test for things other than radio waves, they'd notice patterns in the wavelengths that would definitely be understood as intellectual communication. Problem is, humans use radio waves. It's what we know, so anything foreign to us is gonna be thought of as lunatic.
  17. Things exist because we say they do. Reality is 'created' when Awareness meets Emptiness. Because we do not accept ourselve as One unified field of phenomena, we observe particular forms and then identify as a finite self.

    Ultimately, all the 'things' (The Universe) exist within our true selves. No matter what happens, nothing is forcing you to feel any way or hold any particular view.

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