I think they are in trouble, Quick!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jkatz, May 31, 2006.

  1. 3 of my little plants have stood up from their transplant shock, but the leaves from the time of the shock on ALL the plants are curled up and a little crspy to the touch, they are a greenish brown color. the plants are still producing fresh leaves that are free of any curling, crispiness or discoloration. Are they gonna make it? Also, it sound like there is a thunderstorm coming, should i move my small plants into my shed so they dont get abused by the heavy rain? The storm is coming quickly, SHould i move it? Should i cut the nasty leaves off?
  2. So the plants have a bunch of leaves on them that are dry/crispy to the touch have a brownish-green coloration and are curling in towards the middle of the leaf (from each side of the leaf) The plants are still small, have probably just had too much water (thunderstorm) but are still producing new leaves that arent discolored and look relatively normal...the plants are also still pretty wweak...please advise me on whehter nor not these plants sound like they are going to make it, i really want these plants to grow

  3. i think that they probly had 2much water because it rained slightly 2 day and my 1 1/2 week old did the same curling i dont think its nothing 2 worrie about
  4. im confused... you DONT think that it is nothing to worry about? Meaning that you think it's something to worry about? Id like to hear more details about what happened to your plant so i can compare to help me judge whether or nut these plants will recover. The curling also appears to be a seperate issue from the rainstorm as the leaves were curled, crispy and discolored before then, however, im sure it is possible that i was over-watering them..Also does anyone think it is possible that the root stimulant that i've been using is what made the leaves do what they're doing? the formula is 5:15:5

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