I think they are boys

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  1. 2 different plants. One is 6 weeks and the other is only 4 weeks into vegging but these sure look like males. However, I am a 1st time grower so I thought that I should check here first.

    So please confirm.

    One was also from a seed that produced 2 plants. Merde!

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  2. Thanks much. I am surprised to see them show their sex already. I do believe that they are both Indica, Hindu Kush..

    6 weeks and 4 weeks under 25,000 lumen daylight CFL. About 450 watts.

    Does this mean that is time to switch to flowering lights for my other plants that have the same lineage?
  3. Make pollen

  4. Don't do this.

    Get rid of the males.

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