i think there fucked

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  1. Well guys i think my baby is fucked.My girlfriends mom keeps turning off my damn lights so there lookin bad.All the laeves are shrivling kinda.Im gonna water a little more than usall and leave them on for a few extra hours.U think this might help any?
  2. eye feel u dude like a while back i was tottaly growing sum bud n it sprouted n all then i took my sisters car for a spin (mustang *drools*) and when i came back frum my lil tire burnin spin i come home to find my babies in ruin?! i was soo pissed i coulda cried yes! COULDA CRIED GODDAMMIT!!! lol she tottaly dimished my babies never took the car since....about ur situation whats the point of looking for pointers if the lady's gunna keep screwing with the light? u should first come to an agreement then look for ways to revive ur babies cause if u dont theres no point just a waste of effort........

    GROW ON-peace out
  3. 1. Ask your girlfriend to handle the situation.


    2. Demand she stop directly to mother or girlfriend.


    3. Talk to your girlfriend about your priorities, but ask her to start first. Perhaps she could pick three that are most important to her, then look for ways that you can each live with each others' three sacred cows. Put the hobby in question a nd mother somewhere on that list (top three or not). If you cannot agree about mother and hobby.

    I Personally Am a Hardware Man.
    Lock it tight and well. There are locks for lights, too. Go to professional electronics hardware wholesaler.
  4. Well guys theres no help.Its a goner.Evry leave is dried and shrivled so im gonna pull it up and ficn a place to plant it outside.Maybe nature will take care of it .Thx anyways guys.

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