I think the pigs found a micro grow...

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Loki7, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I came across this and the first thing I thought was "micro grow"... what do you think?

    CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- It's not a bomb -- but what is it? Police in Clarksville, Tennessee, are scratching their heads over a mysterious suitcase found in a trash can. The bomb squad was dispatched and said whatever it is -- it isn't an explosive device. The hard-sided suitcase was lined with aluminum foil and outfitted with wires, a small fan, a light bulb, sand, and electrical tape. Police spokesman Officer Jim Knoll tells a local paper (Leaf-Chronicle) they're still trying figure out what they found.

  2. A micro grow in a suitcase!? I'd like to see that haha
  3. for sure...stupid pigs
  4. surely them pig fuckers know what it coulda been, they were probably holding it back to try and deter.. interesting newspaper name to0
  5. lol nice find loki.. sounds like a growbox to me. Damn cops are so paranoid.
  6. lol I found this stuff on it too:

    here's more of the story as well...I really want to see a pic of this thing. Almost sounds like someone was smuggling turtles or something lol.

    looks like this was about 10 days ago but I can't find any follow up story on it.
  7. hahahaha im calling shenanigans :D
  8. Sounds more like a make shift cage for a small animal. Sand? you can't grow shit in sand
  9. some people use sand as a medium and you know how cops are...... they wernt looking at the "sand" for all we know it could have been a soil medium. i think they thought it was a bomb and when they found out it wasnt the story never caught anyones eye cause who cares about an ALMOST bomb you know? i think they just didnt really care after they had spent all that time and money preparing for a bomb ha
  10. Great find. I want to see a pic.

  11. indeed, if they said, "bomb squad dispatched for discarded cannabis growing suitcase - $13000 tax money wasted" it would not look good...

    probably vermiculite and coco, not sand, haha,

    P.S. i thought about using an old hard sided wheeled suitcase for growing, they are a good size standing up. lol

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