I think someone tried to break in...Call the Cops?

Discussion in 'General' started by Androgenicx, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Its 7 am. Was woken up by the sounds of my large dogs growling menacingly and barking.

    No unusual thing for them to be noisy, the silly little fellas, but this was out of the ordinary - the male (more nervous, hes like a protector) was growling and barking menacingly for like 5 minutes straight.

    I woke up to see whats up. He was sitting frozen in fear on the couch (hes not a trained guard dog, hes just a spoiled big dog who gets real anxious/protective when he suspects there is someone he doesn't know inside the house), and growling and barking at the main door in front of him.

    The door was slightly ajar...I don't remember leaving it ajar..

    Theres like a 5% chance I might have left it open, but my dog and my memory and the fact that if it was open the whole night that part of the house would have been really cold (this is chi-town) and it wasn't indicate otherwise...

    This is a townhouse without much protection - big glass doors and such - in an uptown neighborhood. Luckily, if someone was trying to break in, my dog seems to have scared him off.

    This is my dads house, and he left just yesterday with bag and baggage for awhile...seems like it "fits" that someone would try to break in seeing him leaving..

    Might just be me being silly, I don't really pay much attention to security, but the evidence especially the fact that it would be FREEZING in the part of the house next to the door if it was open all night and it is NOT are really indicating that someone tried to break in.

    Since theyre gone, if they ever were here, and were scared off by dogs, should I bother with calling the cops?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. i'd hide your weed really really well, and then call the cops lol. last thing you need is the cops coming to investigate your burglary and you ending up with possession and paraphinalia charges
  3. Cops probably won't do much unless something was actually stolen, or if the lock was broken. Do a quick survey of valuables, (in case he/she was inside and the dog was asleep before waking and scaring away the intruder. Or if the dog backed down and didn't confront the intruder.)

    Check the vehicles outside, but take a weapon you feel confident using with you. (You could wait to do this until daylight if you feel your life is seriously threatened. But keep vigilant throughout the night.)

    Lock all the doors and windows, and grab a gun if you have one. A bat or a golf club/crow bar would be okay too. Keeping a light or TV on might help deter someone from attempting a break-in.
  4. yup - sounds like one of the neighbours saw your dad going on vacation and thought the dog would be in kennels

    did you lock the door - any signs of breaking/entering?

    I doubt they'll come back now they know your there ;)
  5. Nothing has been stolen - this house doesn't have much to be stolen theres kitchenware, a large tv, a laptop, and some cellphones and basic stuff in it. No real valuables, and we don't use cash much.

    The door was not broken, the cars are safely in the garage.

    I don't have any bud on me anyway, though there is some DMT in the freezer.

    This isnt worth bothering about im just going to let it go. Looks like someone might have tried to get in, im just going to be more vigilant on keeping the doors locked and get the security thingy activitated.

    Thanks for the responses.
  6. Yeah. Odd though, this is an uptown neighborhood with mostly older, "good samaritan", well-to-do folk around.

    No signs of breaking an entry - i rarely ever lock the door, though from now on I will.

    Like I said theres nothing of any real value except for a large TV. Let them come, maybe theyle have some bud and can end my dry spell :smoking:
  7. I wish I had DMT in my freezer:(. Damnit I need to go shrooming sometime this month.
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    You could ;). I didn't buy this stuff, its being extracted. The extraction is really easy, and doesn't cost much. The materials are easily, legally available. Its just the end product thats illegal to possess.

    I wish I had plain old bud instead of the DMT. Haven't had a bud hookup since I moved here..its been 9 whole months.
  9. Well good luck to you man. I fuckin' hate thieves. I hope that dickhead robs the wrong house and gets blasted.
  10. Cops could care less about us.
  11. i dont think it matters, if somebody tried to break in and heard your dog, odds are there not comming back
  12. Or they'll come back with friends.
  13. or i'l......they'll come back with doggy treats! :D
  14. My dogs don't take treats from strangers, lol, it wont happen.

    I doubt theylle make a big deal of this and try again with better tactics - this isnt the kind of neighborhood this stuff would happen in at all, and not the kind of city. It was more likely a "hes out lets see if we can pinch something" kind of thing rather than "lets bust in and take everything at all costs".

    Ill be fine, if not, like i said theres nothing here to steal.
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    If you have to ask a forum of potheads weather or not to call the cops you need some better decision making skills.

    If it honestly scares you that much I'd just lock you're doors from now on. No point in calling the cops when they didn't do any harm, and you're whole neighborhood will know you snitched(Depends on if they care or not.).

    Sometimes calling the cops is warrented but even I(Living in the suburbs) wouldn't call the cops if all they managed to do is open the door and get scared. Just lock the doors/windows at night and if you still feel unsafe get a Concealed Handgun Permit and buy a pistol, take some classes at a range, ect ect.

    And sorry for saying it but obviously you aren't in that big of danger if you're posting a thread about it and asking us for our opinion..... :rolleyes:

    Edit: And talking from a dog owners standpoint it sounds like you're dog did stop someone form coming in. My dog gets like that too when someone is creeping outside, acts all tough but too scared to get off the living room couch.
  16. They can steal your innocence...
  17. Just new to this country, dunno how big a deal calling the cops is and if it is worth it for something this small.
    Theyd be happy i called the cops - older, good-samaritan folk around here and thats all there are pretty much. Not scared, but didn't ever foresee something like this happening round here. Ill just lock up.
    Haha yeah thats pretty much exactly what my pooch is like. Tough guy on the outside, lil puppy on the inside. Served well though nonetheless!
  18. The cops aint gonna do shit anyways, don't let them make you're house known.

    Just keep a shottgun under you're bed in case they try coming back.
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    They'd probably take it seriously if you did call but since you waited a while before hand I'd just let it go.

    If they come back or you're dog acts like someones outside again at night THEN i'd call the cops. If you do think someone is creeping outside then call them and explain you had a previous break in and you think they are back.

    And if it does happen again, after you call the police I would strongly recommend looking into purchasing a firearm. You don't need a pistol to be safe but it sure as hell helps, especialy if you are going to have an on-going break in problem.

    Edit: ^^ The cops would take it seriously but he is right when he says they probably wouldn't be able to find them.

    The only reason I recommend a firearm is that depending on the area the cops may not be able to find whoever is breaking in and you can't call the cops everytime you think someone is going to break in. Sometimes you have to be able to handle the situation on you're own.

    2nd Edit: And if you have a problem with firearms you can buy a 12ga. that accepts less lethal rubber slugs.

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