I think she's trying to tell me something...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LoneGardener, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. I was planning to start flushing this week anyways...

    9 full weeks in flower.

    Is this how they look when they're done? ?

    20181208_125500.jpg 20181208_125514.jpg 20181208_125529.jpg

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  2. Possibly deficient in something? Does look kinda sad lol I can see why you're asking
  3. Ya, second grow. Been a learning experience for sure!

    Kinda late to try and fix anything really i think?

    My first crop was green when i harvested due to issues up to end with nutes, etc...

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  4. Had some as well bro. I had two of the five plants propped up too high in relation to the powerful HPS. I was too focused on making my canopy even at the time, and I didn't know how intense the 1000w HPS is. Good thing they were the smallest out of the bunch. Makes me feel better lol

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  5. are you sure you didnt mess up the light schedule?
    is she on a timer?
  6. Yup on a timer. 12 / 12

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  7. The more I look at her, the worse she looks. Shes a gonner. Harvesting her today.

    Found a bit of bud rot on another one.

    Harvest day round the corner!

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  8. I would probably do the same bro. Looks pretty damn sad. Do you have an idea of where you went wrong?
  9. Ya it was poor lighting at first. Then overdid it with the nutrients. Too many plants for the size space too. 10 is too many for sure. Good thing next grow will be legal size of 4!

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  10. Shes trying to tell you ur an asshole for not taking care of her needs lol
  11. No shit eh! I don't deserve her smoke!

    Just did autopsy on roots/pot.

    Not a huge root system. Me thinks i needed more perlite.

    Its like a sponge. Fibrous roots but moist as shit. 20181208_164406.jpg 20181208_164117.jpg

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  12. Ohh man, you were so close to a strong finish, too. Looks like temp and humidity issues in flower, specifically too much humidity. Remember, humidity is great in veg, but the air needs to be more dry in flower. What kind of air flow did you have?
  13. Air flow not an issue.

    Humidity... Gave up trying to control it.

    Still gona be a good haul i'm sure. Still have 9 more to harvest next week. Started flushing today, harvest on Tuesday/Wednesday

    Should wind up with well over a pound this time.
  14. She's clipped and hung out to dry!

    In the box in my room till harvest day this week for the other 9.


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  15. Did the same my first run, there was also a second layer but I can’t find any pics showing both. You should change the box after each grow or two since cardboard can retain some moisture and eventually mould can set in.


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  16. Nice!

    Thx for the tip. Hope it can help pull some moisture from this as its gotta sit partially closed in my grow room. Not ideal but it works

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  17. No problem man, cut a flap or two in the box to help with airflow. It’s super important for there to be good airflow during the drying process

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