I Think Shes Cheating..

Discussion in 'General' started by Cb-13, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. How Do iKnow though?

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  2. Tell her work is sending you to travel to another state for a week and spy on her
  3. Details would help...

  4. OP does she have big boobs?

  5. I caught her touching my uncle dick,
    He just got put of jail & been staying with us for a while, he got out the shower she right next to while I was cooking the pizza rolls then I looked back over she was gone... Something told me to peak dwn there like a 8 year old wen he's in trouble but I caught a glimpse of her touching his penis

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  6. You clever troll you.

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  7. you should move out. your uncle is a bigger man than you. he has been jailed. walking around your house nakked. your girlfriend already touched his bigger dick. stop paying rent
  8. Complete the Eiffel Tower with your uncle then dump her. [​IMG]
  9. 0/10.

    You're not even trying.
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    In a situation where everything that happened to you happened to monkeys, the monkey version of you would instinctively throw feces at uncle monkey. We have ~99% of the same genes. No one would judge you if you reverted back to savagery.
  11. Has your uncle got a bigger flute?

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  12. your uncle probably has way danker memes. your troll game is weak, brother
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    *Yawn* Come back when you have a better episode of Jerry Springer to pitch -10/10 Your troll game is so weak that it's in the negatives.

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  14. Heh heh... uncle monkey...
  15. I'm trying to visualize you cooking up the pizza rolls, probably microwaving cause fuck the preheated oven shit man, and suddenly little chicka goes missing.

    Hey little chicka, dem rolls are done bitch. Come get one.

    Where'd you go?

    So you go looking around the house, come around the corner, and there she is, touching uncle jailbirds trouser snake.

    Now when you say touching it, was it like with one finger, or was she full on kung fu gripping that guy? Did she stop when you made eye contact, or give it another pull or two first?

    Details brother. We need details.
  16. The troll is weak in this one it is

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  17. You right.... Or Ican tell my mom and she'll just kick his ass out
  18. That shouldn't be anything to worry about as long as she wasn't sucking it. :eek:

  19. Touch, but don't suck!
  20. Wait till you know she's freshly fucked and go down on her. I wouldn't, but that doesn't mean you can't.

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