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I think my weed was laced.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wall crab, May 13, 2010.

  1. i had a bag that was laced with what looked like pubbys ,, like someone smuggled the pound in a big 70s bush:confused::eek::confused:

  2. doubt it was all in my head.
  3. i smoked weed laced with meth, and i didnt even know it until months later. didnt even notice any difference. stop freaking out
  4. one time i had legit laced weed. What happened was that my dealer had been lacing all his weed slightly (he even admitted it to my friend) to make it look better quality. I think the reason behind this was putting it on his mids in low doses so it didn't cost him much made the weed look better since a low dose of a hardcore drug(pcp) would get you as high as a high dose of a soft drug (weed). One day he ripped me off back when i was new with an "8th" (2 grams) of "dank" (reggie) and while they sold it to me they laughed, i thought it was because they where high and laced weed didn't cross my mind since i thought it was a myth. Well later that night when i hit that shit i got so high i couldn't even comprehend what was going on with the tv show i was watching, i don't mean follow the plot either i mean even understand what they where saying. After a few minutes my cat entered the room and i felt afraid of her for some reason and when i looked over her jaw dropped to the fucking ground. I went under my sheets and couldn't even feel my heart going at any measurable rate, it felt like a fucking machine gun. The dead giveaway was how i felt fairly high 2 fucking days after that still, it was a paranoid shitty high for the most part too. When i looked it up it turned out that was a classic PCP symptom and i have since realized what happened.
  5. oh and you didn't notice the meth because none of it was actually absorbed since you have to vape meth.
  6. No offense, but ive smoked weed laced with meth before and if it was legitimately laced with meth you definitely wouldve felt it. I smoked one bowl out of a bong and didnt sleep for 48 hours. I mean, it only makes sense that if you smoke meth you get the meth high. Not doubting you, im jus sayin that your friend may have been bullshitting.
  7. Why would someone waste good narcotics that are worth money by sprinkling it on weed?

    They would basically be giving away coke/meth or whatever you think they laced your weed with.

    Just doesn't make sense to me.
  8. if you still don't get the reasoning of it please look at my previous post/story. I'm not saying it's common or anything but it does happen if the dealer is scummy enough:(.
  9. I smoked a joint with PCP in it with my boyfriend. We got the weed high and the PCP numbness that was all. We paid for it to be laced too.

  10. I tried weed laced with coke once and would kill to do it again. Went a little numb for a while but definitely a wicked nice high.
  11. Nah don't worry, not laced, if you smoke a lot of some really strong stuff and you have low tolerance or you have never tried it before, you probably will experience panic attacks, just remember this, if you ever get into that situation, best thing you can do is go settle down on your bed and wait until you have stopped panicking, call your friend (or talk it over if you are with friends).
  12. #52 HerbOnDeck, May 15, 2010
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    holy fukin pussy cnt handle weed.. dnt be commin to GC wit this bs..

    If this is the way you're going to treat fellow blades please leave now and save this place the trouble. ~AK~

  13. hell yea.

    i only tried coke once, NOTHING like i thought it would be. It kinda sobers yew up more and the weed is a greatttt mix.

  14. lighten up. everyone is entitled to a bad trip now and then.

  15. i understand he had a little freak out.. i have been too high before too but im not gonna go on GC postin up BS givin herb a bad name. I WISH my shit was laced tha fuk yew complainin about.


    im dry at tha moment but imma pick up from tha dispensary today hopefully
  16. #56 IamHemper, May 15, 2010
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    My way of looking at things is that everybody has to start somewhere and GC can be a place to come to get informed.

    Our stuff don't need to be laced bro. :) The dank at the dispensaries are plenty strong.
  17. if you dont want to hear amateur questions dont browse the apprentice section. people are here to learn, not have people blast them for asking questions they dont know the answers to.
  18. My bud was getting weighed with human hairs for a period of time. I pulled out a hair in front of him and held it up in the light looking at it to see what he said but he just looked away and didn't say anything.

    Lately I haven't been able to smoke as much as I used to so my tolerance was pretty low when I smoked a bowl with some hash in it. I hadn't slept the night before and was drinking before I had gotten over there so I was getting pretty damn high. I was so introspective that I probably looked like a statue with his mouth jarred and glistening eyes staring off into the distance. I guess that's why it's called getting stoned... Anyways I eventually started to hear a voice talking to me. This was different from an intuitive voice... it was so real.. anyways I had a short convo with this voice before snapping back and realizing how high I was. I started to think he put something else in the bud and that made me trip out even more. Then I started worrying about my heart rate and thought I was about to have panic attack (first time in my 4 years of toke-hood). I was definitely just high as hell. Wouldn't mind getting that high again so long as i have more rest and a little stronger tolerance.

    Sounds like you had one of those nights to. If you aren't sure then it most likely wasn't laced as many of the replies have said "you'd know if it was laced with...." this or that.

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