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I think my weed was laced.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wall crab, May 13, 2010.

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    hahahaha sigged :smoke:
  2. did you start to foam/ :D
  3. i like foam
  4. it doesn't sound like your weed was laced, just you got too high. I've had weed laced with pcp once (and I know it- i took a drug test) but people are overly paranoid about laced weed. it's not a myth like many retards say but it is not common.

  5. :eek:wow. what was that like?
  6. Whiting out...Orthostatic hypotension.
    Orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension) -
    Cannabis lowers blood pressure, standing up suddenly lowers it further

    Stand up slowly when wasted!:)
  7. It wouldn't increase profits if the adulterant served to put the customer off buying from that person again.
  8. Buying PCP (or any other substance in general), lacing it into nugs of weed, and then selling it as weed, for weed prices, won't increase a dealers profits.
  9. Probably one year...haha

    Anyways, no your bud isn't laced.
  10. I didn't even get that high at all. It was pretty crappy weed to begin with and I certainly didn't notice any pcp lol
  11. [​IMG]

    Seriously, I'm not trying to be funny or anything, you're just being paranoid. There are so many "my weed was laced" threads, and I've yet to see a single person whose weed genuinely was laced (unless they knowingly did it themselves). I would go into detail but the sheer amount of these threads is ridiculous, so I'll sum it up:

    - Not economical for dealers to lace weed. It would cost them more so they'd make less money.
    - Other people smoking with you would experience the exact same effects.
    - Shaking is common, I had it a lot with strong sativas when I had a low tolerance, and I still occasionally got it once my tolerance was already average/high.
    - Panic attacks are also normal if you smoke something that's more potent than what you're usually smoking. They're not very common or anything, but they happen, don't worry about it.
    - If your weed was laced, you wouldn't be saying that you think your weed is laced. You would know, 100%, no doubt whatsoever. Trust me on this man.

    Don't worry.
  12. :bongin:Sometimes you can believe you aren't messed up when you really are. It happens to me with this AZ shit i got... you think your fine and then - WOAH! Your stoned lol
    (Also, if you said your high was amazing why did you just say you barely got high? I definately think for now you were freaked out. And its okay to admit that. But, don't try blaming your dealer for some stuff some of us would love to get our paws on lol, enjoy the good stuff!)

  13. I think grasscity should make a paranoid section where people can post there 'omg i think my weed was laced' and that shit. it's honestly just ridiculous that every time someone get's a little too high for themselves to handle they come on here and make a username just so they can ask everyone what they think when they could have just searched for it.

    this is madness:devious:
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    Yep, probably too high. I remember one time when i was out on a date...dude pulled out some good shit and we got high. I all of sudden got really pale and kept seeing spots all over the place. I remember asking him WTF did you do to me!!

    He was like nothing, I didn't do anything...he was freaked to see how pale I got. I laid down and just let these spots and zig zag patterns play out and finally after like 20 mins I got to feeling better.

    He never did try to impress me with his weed again :(. XD

  15. My friend got laced weed one time. I wasn't there but he claims he tripped balls. That shit doesn't sound fun at all dissociation isn't my idea of a good time.
  16. If I over do it, it seems that the "auto" breath center of my brain shuts off and I become aware of my having to breath. So no it doesn't sound like your herb was sounds like this is a result of getting over baked.
  17. weed is not laced ever
  18. next time have a slurpee ready to sip on...jus as you start to feel noided suck down a good amount and get a brain freeze works.

  19. I'm pretty sure thats impossible since breathing is controlled by the brain stem and there are no cannabinoid receptors there. Heroin can cause respiratory depression, but cannabis will not. Whats happening most likely is your really baked and therefore thinking very deeply. When you become consciously aware of your breathing, all of sudden you have to think about it. Just relax and you'll go back to breathing automatically.

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