I Think My Weed Is Laced...

Discussion in 'General' started by k.smith904, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. with a different, equally potent, strain of weed.


    what are you fags up to tonight?
  2. I bought an eighth only to find out that it was just a bag full of pubes...:(
  3. i bought a fresh sack and when i got home i packed a bowl, put the pipe up to my mouth and just before i was going to light it a WORM POPPED OUT.
  4. dude you shoulda snorted it.. THC worms are dank :devious:

  5. sill laughing at the field trip thread =D

  6. make him eat his parents.
  7. shiat i might just trip now

  8. pssh, i made some sweet worm hash with that bad boy. :smoke:
  9. Haha u got me dude. I read the title and was like k.smith is a long time blade. He should know that he's probably just puffing on some heavy shit. No dealer gonna lace their weed, shit. Haha

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