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I think my weed is laced.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johhny Dukesup, May 22, 2010.

  1. LOL That just sounds like you had a bad high. On cannabis.
  2. Your shit wasn't laced, people don't ever do that shit. That's a bunch of propaganda to get people to not smoke weed.
  3. Unless you're typing this on your BlackBerry as you go on a naked rampage, I don't think it's PCP.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  4. No, you probably only got a 10 bags amount, or what you thought was a 10 bags amount, because it was dank.

    Apparently a little too dank.
  5. I think your just tweakin'
  6. Sounds like you couldn't handle a strong weed high. Lol.
  7. lmao, I could only type the op while I was high on it.
    And that was last night. It's been like 16 hours since then.
    And last night while I was in the shower on the stuff, I decided that while I was here I would make the best of it. So I started to rub one out. It took like 10 minutes to even get it up. And as soon as i got it up I jizzed. It wasn't as nice as I would had hoped.
    And I smoked a 2 doobs with that womans son like 2 weeks ago. And it was the exact same shit. They even told me it was. So why would I feel fine after smoking much more of it then, and then smoke much less and trip balls? It doesn't make sense.
    I'm gonna get it tested and prove you fuckers wrong. lol
    You'll all see.
  8. We will all see that it was just some dank bud that you can't handle (no offence) No dealer would waste there money lacing bud with another drug, they want to make money not lose it
  9. Also, I learned that everytime you wake up from sleep you're a new person. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  10. Buy it again? I mean, hell sounds like you could mark it up to your buddies. Especially if it's that good.

    lol@ naked pcp black guy.
    There should be a modern day gladiator. Just have inmates on PCP. That would probably be legalized over MJ, with todays given society... :mad:
  11. I don't know how nobody has mentioned this yet...

    I'm pretty sure what you experienced was a panic attack. Believe me, it can happen. Smoke too much/in a weird environment/when you're just not feeling right/etc., and it can set off a chain reaction of... trippin' balls, basically. You might feel light-headed, have tunnel vision, get strange/racing thoughts, think you're dying, and so on.

    The Wikipedia article on it is pretty good. Check it out.
  12. "I mean my head is still all twisted. I actually smoked some with my dog. I feel like such a fucker. I gave hard drugs to my dog."

    This just might be my new sig LOL LOL

  13. oh man you sound like an idiot.
  14. No one laces a 10$ bag of weed.
    Especially a 10$ bag of dirt weed.
  15. do not take shit onto any school campus,especially if u think it has hard drugs in it...can u say FELONY


  16. Why's everyone keep saying it's not laced? He could be wrong yeah, but obviously he would know better than anyone else, he was the one that experienced the high and he sounds like he knows what a high from weed is like, it could've just not been PCP? :confused:
    either way idk if you're glad it was laced or pissed but regardless, sounds like you fuckin tripped :D

  17. Erm, no. They don't sell their 'dirt weed' as dirt weed if they lace it. They try and pass it off as high quality.
  18. I think people are too quick to judge the OP. I wouldn't put is past some shady dealer with dirt to spray something on it. It probably wasn't PCP, but that doesn't mean it wasn't laced...

    If it was shwag I don't think the "you can't handle good weed" argument holds much weight...
  19. I don't really care what these guys think. I've been high hundreds of times with all varying types of potencies. And I've never had anything like this before. And it didn't just happen once, but twice.
    You guys weren't in my shoes. And unless you like being in the mind frame of some sort of psychopath for a few hours then you wouldn't had wanted to be.
  20. And another thing, Is they didn't actually tell me it was dirt weed.
    I smoked the exact same shit before and infered that it was dirt weed. When I bought the laced shit from them all they said was hopefully we can get something else next time. Which tells me that it is the same kind of weed as last time and also dirt weed.
    But then they sold it to me for more than dirt weed should bring, which tells me they were either trying to rip me off, this is good shit, or it was laced. And alah when I smoked it, it was more than i bargained for.

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