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I think my weed is laced.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johhny Dukesup, May 22, 2010.

  1. I bought 15 but they gave me a 10. It's making me hallucinate and its weird. I think it's pcp. My eytes are dialated like something crazy.
  2. this has happened to me once that I didnt know it was laced.. but unlikely your dealer would mix up bags.. your just 2 high.. my cure is to go play video games
  3. If you can peal off your skin with broken glass, its pcp.

    Define: halucinate
  4. u should be able to smell pcp before u smoke it,and taste it (oily,chemicaly taste)...stimulants will help u come downi.e.caffine,speed,..etc...good luck;)
  5. "ive been somking since i was two."
    - take it easy man
    "i know what im doing. shut the fuck up"
    homes take it easy angel dust homes
    "so i hit it real hard right. after he said that i started feelin funny as hell. next thing i know im running down the street in my damn drawers. im in deebo's pidgeon coop sweatin like a slave and the only perso who could get me out was my mom. and man i havent been right ever since. and thats why i be like 'fuck hector'."

    aw shit i need to watch friday again... its been too long hahaha
  6. I would consider that a bonus...a lil' something extra!
    Just jokin...taking something that you don't know you took sucks and is not cool. I had a "friend" put 25mg. of 2-c-i in a shot of patrone one time, and didn't tell me about it until i already thought i was crazy and was freaking out. :confused: i guess i should have said former "friend".
  7. Try simple reality tests.

    1. Bite your tongue hard.
    2. Go smell things that you know the smell to.
    3. Look at a jar of peanut butter, does it look normal?
    4. Listen to a song you know very well, does it sound right?
  8. maybe but it they sold it for you for cheap there not gonna be putting shit like angel dust on that mug, they probly laced it with bugspray or some shit
  9. Total myth if there was bug spray in his weed the OP would have been in no position to post this.
  10. lol dude people don't waste their pcp on kids that pick up 15 bags bro, you're probably used to 15 sacs of mids and got a dime of some chronic and think it's laced.

  11. wat :confused:
  12. By looking at peanut butter? I don't understand your logic.

  13. Lmao this part of the movie always gets me cracking up man.
  14. Just giving him some simple reassuring tasks.
  15. ALright guys. I came down so i think i can tell you more about it now.
    I don't care what any of you say, it was laced with something. Firstly, the people who sold it to me were really sketchy. And I would not put it past them. Secondly, whatever that was it really messed my hearing up. It felt like my whole head was just down the drain, so to speak. I mean my eyes looked like they've never looked before. And I've been stoned hundreds of times and off of good shit. And it was never like this. I did not like it at all. I can't even explain it. I didn't feel high, I just felt down and foggy. My mind would race at a 100 miles an hour at some points. It was terrible. And I'm really worried cause I did it twice. The first time was deffinitely worse. But I figured i was just tripping because I was in a different enviornment. I feel so stupid. I mean my head is still all twisted. I actually smoked some with my dog. I feel like such a fucker. I gave hard drugs to my dog.
    Can anyone tell me what pcp does? Is it terrible for you? Will it fuck me up for life or anything?
    I think I'm going to quit smoking now. And this stuff wasn't chronic. It was dirt weed. The people even told me so before hand. And I would know good weed if I smoked it. I've had good pot before. THis was not good pot.
    I'm gonna ask one of my teachers about it. And see if there is any ways possible that he can test it or if he knows any one who does.
    I'm also gonna kick that woman's sons ass. They both sold it to me.
  16. I'm not too sure i would "give my teacher some to test". That don't sound like a great idea to me...i'm just sayin..
  17. Hahaha I love these threads, there is at least one laced thread a week. Classic.:smoke:
  18. It's the coolest teacher you could imagine. lol
    I'm feeling much better now. And think I can explain what I felt in a little more detail. It feels like I sobered up quite a bit in just a couple hours.
    So the first time I smoked the stuff I decided I would try it before school. I smoked about a half a doob and didn't feel much. I went inside to wash my face and hands. And all of a sudden I felt like I was in a high pixel video game. Like I was made up of dots or some shit. It was crazy. Then I went and waited on the bus. It was a really ugly morning. It was foggy and kinda dark and luminous out. And because there was some crows, and spider webs, and some other normally insubstancial shit i saw, I concluded that my dad was gonna die. Which was just a sort of hallucination I had.
    The busride was fucking insane. I spent the entire time looking out the window and watching colors fade. Everyone was talking but I had my ipod on and was zoning them out. I was in my own little world. Someone tried talking to me, but I couldn't hear them. So i just nodded my head in agreement hoping he would leave me alone. He asked me something I cant' remember and I could tell by his facial expression that what I said back to him made no sense or was completely unrelated. I ended up coming to the conclusion that a guy on my bus is gay. Which now, I kinda believe.
    The gay dude asked me something about this girl I know, who is actually a good friend of mine. And because I couldn't hear, I said very loudly "YEAH, SHE IS KINDA MANLY." I don't know why I said that. Because I don't think she's very manly at all. In fact I'd like to fuck her.
    I got to school and sat down on the bench with my buddies. This is when my head started to feel droopy. And everything sounded like it was recorded on a low quality mic or something. Very strange. The time from I got into school and the time the first bell rung (maybe 20 mins) felt like hours. Time was seriously distorted.
    I got to first period and was a mess. I was tripping the fuck out. My mind was racing and so was my heart. But I hid it very well. I just laid my head down the table. And listened to every one. The teacher told me and this other boy to get our heads up. I sat up for a minute and then layed back down. Then she just left me alone. I sat up a one point in class and this girl could tell i was high. She gave me her visine. Score! I for some reason thought the teacher was out of the room, but she was sitting at her desk like 10 foot from us. I put in the visine and layed back down. I noticed that it was easier to talk than it would be if normally high, but I wasn't making much sense. Like right before i put in the visine I told this girl to watch out for me, but the teacher was in the room. So I felt really stupid right after i found that out. Also, before all of this happened another girl told me i was staring at her earlier that morning. Indirectly of course, but i guess they thought i was asleep or something. But when I layed my head down I could hear perfectly fine. I think.
    1st period was over and I walked to my second period class. I ended up running into people and was still tripping out. I layed my head down and listened to every one. It was insane I could hear everyone at once. The entire room was talking but I could hear and understand what every one was saying. At once. I felt like this was how a blind person saw. But, I'm not sure if this was really happeneing. Because the entire time I would think of something and someone would say something that was directly related to what I was thinking. So honestly, I'm not sure If this was real or not.
    The rest of the day was pretty much a blur after that. I went to my ag class and like put drywall putty on these boards, and played rook in my next class. Then ended up falling asleep on the bleachers during a pep rally.
    Everything just felt down, and dark overall. It was almost a sinister type of high.

    I'm a retard and smoke a couple more hits of the stuff last night. I questioned whether it was laced or not. But, I figured that stuff never happens, especially not around here. I was just tripping. I was wrong.
    Last night, I was tripping out worse. Off of a lesser dose. Well, not as much with the visuals and stuff, but I was definitely more paranoid and anxiety was worse.
    I felt kinda fuzzy. I couldn't read or type for shit. My body felt a little numb and it still felt dark. Although, one plus from all of this i noticed, is I could play guitar really well. It was almost like i felt better connected with my guitar for some reason. I made some really cool chord progressions that were pretty advanced and unlike anything I've done before.
    Later that night, I was still tripping so I put on a King of the cage dvd and watched if for what seemed like hours but was only about 1 hour. I was wigging out so I took some nyquil. Shortly after that I fell asleep.
    I was supposed to have saturday school today but I woke up and was gonna take a shower but I just wasnt me. So I went back to sleep.
    I had a lucid dream but dad woke me up right in the middle of it and I cant remember a single thing about it. I stayed home.
    And the weed made me extremely tired and the fuzzy weird feelings lasted much much longer than normal weed would.
    Sorry it's so long.
    And seriously, will my dog be okay?

  19. lol I was thinking the exact same thing :laughing:
  20. Dude, if someone gave you wet bud you probably wouldn't even be able to get to grasscity, much less post. If some dealer was dumb to actually put pcp in you're shit you would be more wasted than you probably have ever been.

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