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I think my roommate may be stealing from me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kireiray, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I just moved into a new place for this school year approx 4 months ago. I've been living with this dude and we have smoked together, but I have always been slightly wary of his rude behaviors and scumbag attitudes. This lead to me doing a trick where I went to take a shower in my bathroom and left my room door slightly ajar. (he is almost triple by body weight so he would have to open the door to get in) I then put an upside down gatorade bottle near the door that had the bottom filled with a half cup of water so it couldn't tip by itself... I come back into my room after my shower to find the bottle tipped, the door seemingly more ajar then before, and also my jar seems to be a large strawberry shaped nug short. However, I am not ENTIRELY sure, it seems like he may have pinched a bit off the nug. I am almost 80% sure at this point that he entered my room, and 50% sure he stole some off me.

    Other then locking my door (pointedly) when I shower from now on, how else can I resolve this situation? I am pondering just asking if he stole from me but to seem so obviously mistrustful of him would probably ruin our relationship. The fact that I am feeling this way in the first place probably means it's gone already though.

    What would you do GC? I am a much more capable fighter than he, our landlord is cool, and we are both mature adults. Therefore i'd like to avoid violence and stupidity.
  2. Set up a camera while you're out for a bit and leave your door ajar again. Can't deny a video.
  3. Well if you have a scale you can find out for sure, just do the same thing but weigh it before hand.
  4. ^ Yeea, just weigh it out. or Hide it better.

    If he still gets to it, bring it up.
  5. Three words... locking bedroom doorknob. $10 at your local hardware store or home depot.
  6. Embed a micro GPS chip into each of your nugs.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA, amazing
  8. nanny cam, for sure
  9. if u have a smart phone set it up as a spy cam. there is a motion detection app that will take pics or video when it detects movement and saves it to the sd card. If you dont have that use ur webcam and set it up when u take a shower. If you dont have that use ur regular cellphone video camera and leave it on when u go to the shower. If you dont have that then u need to sell some weed and buy a damn cam!
  10. I would've put a bucket of ice water on the top of the door so it would fall on him when the door is opened. Actually I wouldn't have, but that would be funny
  11. Preventative measures are always better, than trying to set up or intentionally catch a friend during a weak moment, in such a way that leaves you with no other option, but to deal with the drama.

    Lock your bedroom door. Simple as that. Put up a camera too if you like, it's a bit more serious if he's willing to break down your door looking for your stuff. But take care of this like a mature, responsible adult, before things get any more complicated.
    If he wants to know why you bought a locking doorknob, just say that you want (the both of you) to be able to have friends and get-togethers without keeping an eye on your room, and without your stuff going missing.

    With a little wink, you could always add, that you also just want to avoid misplacing something yourself, so you don't catch yourself suspecting anyone else after the fact. ;)

  12. Exactly what is the other 20%? Him throwing open your door and saying "Fuck thats a long walk from here to the jar. Fuck it, I'll just close this door. Hopefully he didn't have any bottles with water behind this door."
  13. I agree, lock your door. Explain to him "Hey, I don't want you to get the wrong idea - just making sure nothing gets taken from my room (and throw in a little wink)" - that way he knows you don't trust him, but he can't say shit. That is exactly how I would handle it.
  14. set up a lethal booby trap. j/k
  15. buy a lock box for meds and slip it under your bed, there are some that can easily hold and an ounce or more, you could also drill some holes and bolt it to the floor in a closet, or lock your door
  16. lock him in his room
  17. Best advice yet, and 7,777 posts?!


  18. Yepp... try one of these:

    #1. @2:00
    [ame=]Mindhunters (2004) [7/10] - YouTube[/ame]

    #2. OR EVEN BETTER... @7:00
    [ame=]Mindhunters (2004) [3/10] - YouTube[/ame]

  19. Proximity Mines
  20. Lock your door or buy a lock box/safe.

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