I think my plant is sick, please help *pics*

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  1. i've attached some pictures of the plant. its an outside plant. its almost harvest time and if theres something seriously wrong i want to harvest now before its too late. any ideas on what the leaf discoloration could be? please help

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  2. From what I see its turning purple right? 2 things usually cause this A. A deficiency of some sort or B. cold temps. Can't remember what deficiency it is tho.
  3. looks like the anthocyanin is unmasking itself
  4. K.

  5. ^^^^^ that could be it too but isn't that usually done by presenting the plant to colder temps. That's what breeders say about strains like purple haze, to put in a cooler climate not cold but cooler then norm
  6. I will give u a definition for this big word. Dont want it to scare ya lol.

    Anthocynanins are the pigment causing agents in all plants.
    They usually show up in the fall, causing some leaves to turn amber, red and even purple. Beets are a prime example of anthocyanins at work.

    No need to worry. Your girl will be fine.

  7. Any strain of weed will show purpling, given the right conditions and deficiencies.

  8. phew, good to hear. thanks guys :D
  9. Thanks Freak. I was wondering too. That's a good bro that will give the definition instead of just having someone freak out. +rep

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