i think my plant is dying

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sparkingcones, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. hi i have a 2 week old plant and a couple of days ago i gave it some mirace grow and it got bigger litterally over night but the i went back a day later and it has started to shrivel up and it looks like it is dying
    if anyone knows what i should do please tell me .
  2. you overfertilized it....flush it with tepid water fast...I don't like miracle grow...it toxifies to quickly...

  3. I have been told or read maybe in another forum that miracle grow "burns" the roots or something like that... just curious if that is what you mean by overfertilizing Ndica?
  4. overfertilized in the sense to much was used to fast...

    miracle grow is (my opinion)no good for cannabis growing due to the ease in toxicity of the medium..

  5. you can burn plants with anything. I personally like miracle grow. you just need to do everything in moderation. A small bit is good. Anymore is very bad.

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  6. Dont use Miracle grow. Im pretty sure thats for unedible/smokable plants only. Its got tons of chemicals that you dont want in your plant

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