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  1. I just want to know if I should worry or do anything. My plants are in the beginning of the second week of flowering and the leaves are looking shotty. I read all the stickes about sick plants but it seems like my plants have a little bit of everything. I just need some expert advice.. also from the pics how much do you think i can harvest? I know it depends on alot of factors just a roundabout guess from the info I detailed.:(

    What type of medium; soil or hydro? Soil
    What brand and type of soil? Moisturemax sta green premium potting soil. ( it has ferts for like 6 months and moisture crystals in it)

    Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
    What strain? KC brains northern lights
    How old are the plants? vegged for 2 weeks and now on day 15 of flowering.
    What type of lights and how many watts? CFL"s 4 40watters 3 daylight one warm and a big 65 watt soft white
    How far from the lights? between 2 and 8 inches
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? I feed it when the pot feel light and the top inches are dry or when my moisture meter says dry. Been using thrive alive b1 green n1% p2051% k201.5% like a half teaspoon per quart and since flowering 2 doses of awesome blossom N2% P205 11% k2011% half teaspoon per quart or 3 16 oz bottles of water.
    What is the medium/runoff pH? dont know but the water is a ph of 6.5
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? temps go from 85-90 when the lights are on and to around 65 at night for 12 or darkness
    What size pots? 1 gallon
    Any bugs? Look real close. had some fungus gnats last week but I think i got rid of them with some insecticide. I saw one little white gnat earlier today I smashed him! lol
    Any other pertinent info? Haven't really used alot of ferts due to the soil. I read here that soils with premixed time released ferts kill plans. please Help!!! any info is good. also the roots outgrew the pots so i poked more holes in the bottom and sat some hydroton rocks and water on the bottom of a tupperwear container and let the roots sit in it. It seems to be working the roots continue to grow and are healthy.
    FYI iam growing in the homebox xs. it's great!!!

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  2. it looks to me like your using too much nutrients and they are burning....flush, flush, flush!!!:bongin:
  3. But If I flush with this moisture max soil wont it just make the problem worse? I read here on GC that flushing a plant that is in soil with 6 months of ferts built in will make it worse? if not i will tomorrow the babies are getting their 12 of darkness right now.
  4. Come on GC somebody say something. you guys have me loosing hope with GC
  5. never, ever use built in ferts.....never, see what can happen....your stuck!

    if you want something to turn out good, you need to do the work, that means reading.
  6. Hmmm.... ok so your description says soil based but all I see is hydroton... what kinda mix ya got goin' on in there?

    Anyways - all myths aside, I have grown plants from seed to finish IN Miracle Grow Moisture control soil... built in ferts will not 'always' destroy your plants... but ya need to have a heavy feeding lady to sit down at that table. Example, growing a sativa in MG is either insanity or the mark of a genius.... that is if the plant lasts longer than 30 days.

    On to the leaves... I hate to differ with everyone up to this point, but I do IMHO. I believe, based on the pictures above, these plants are not being fed enough.

    Normally, when I dose up my soil and make the lady hot she shows the normal signs: Leaf tips begin to burn, leaves turn a dark dark shade of green and growth slows.

    When I fail to do the above and instead just leave her in jiffy soil (no nutes) she begins to show the normal signs: Leaves light green, lower leaves turning yellow and finally brown/crunchy, growth slows, stems may change color and entire plant seems to take on a limey green look.

    I think you can tell where I'm goin. To me they just dont look like their plate is too full... more that they could use some xtra helpin's...

    Just my .02
  7. Yeah man you say soil with ferts added but I seen no soil only hydrotone pebbles. I agree, especially picture 2 which looks just like a nitrogen deficiency. Your temps are too hot too and I think some of the leaf damage you see on them is from the leaves touching the CFL lights. Otherwise, the general health of the plant looks ok so no need for panic.
  8. check out this months edition of hightimes, in the all you need to grow section there is some guy with problems eerily similar to yours. good ole gorge c. hooks him up with some advice, i would take it.:smoke:
  9. Everyone Thanks for you help. Poipu If YOU were reading i stated that same thing you said. I read that slow release ferts are bad for cannibus. you FYI I do my homework and have several books on the subject. Moreover, my grow started BEFORE i read about the soil with ferts. Clutter and smokingVTEC I have hydroton mixed in with my soil for aeration. the hydroton on the tops keeps more moist than just having plain soil on the top.
  10. I agree with vtec it looks like a nitro defficiantcy I'd say DONT FLUSH IT and give it a healthy dose of nitro..

    and also I wanted to add you are flowerin' those plants WAY WAY early have some patience next time man...

    SPEED KILLS!!!!!!!!!

  11. let us know what ends up being the problem. im curious to see who is right on this one....:confused: i think everyone is right... you are experiencing a nutrient lockup due to too much fert. but anyhow.. let us know:smoke:
  12. You also don't know the run-off pH which is very important.

  13. What the hell is that N P K above? I have no idea what that means.
    Also I did a search on your soil and it says it feeds for 9 months. Frankly I am amazed they look as good as they do.
    Also is that one plant pictured or multiple plants.
  14. Vtec Their are 2 plants. The NPK was the reading off the Technaflora Awsome blossoms label . and yes it does fert for 9 months. That was my biggest mistake to buy that crap. but alas, I read it was crappy after the fact so i cant change it now. Next time I am going DWC hydro. You guys are great but now I dont know what to do. I cant flush cause it would make it worse with the fert in the soil. next time I water should I use a teaspoon of Awesome blossoms? I have been using a half a teaspoon. or just leave it alone and just water it with regular water?

    The reason why I flowered early Rigor is because i am following the technique from SEEMOREBUDS More buds for less book. basically the cfl's cant penetrate heavy foilage so you flower them early to keep them short while using th CFL's they still shot up though lol as they should during flowering about 50%-75% i believe check out the pic. Oh yeah I repotted the bigger one due to the roots that were growing out of the bottom of the one gallon pot. (see my post about it in the newbie section)
    I will post some pics tomorrow the upload tool on her isn't working correctly. :mad:
  15. here is the pic

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    You're over watering them. That's what causes time released ferts to burn tips.

    Let the soil dry out and then water. After that only water when they look thirsty... when they start to droop a little.

    As they mature they will use up more of those nutes without burning. A little nute burn on the tips won't hurt them. Yellow leaves towards the bottom are normal. You can pluck them by hand where the stems meet the stalk when they're crispy enough to just about fall off.

    Keep an eye on new growth. If it looks and stays healthy your plants aren't dying.

    You need more warm, 2700K bulbs to flower.

    I'm using MiracleGro and getting awesome results. Look for my grow journal.

  17. Next time use Cana Coco Professional not Pro Plus, Get yourself some bio-bizz and you'l be jammin! In relation to the comment above i would never let my soil completely dry out and leaves to droop before watering this stresses the plants and diminishes harvest! Get into the habit of picking up and feeling the weight of your pots, when its kinda light water if its heavy dont! Very simple
  18. If your roots are starved for O2 you need to let them dry out a bit. Let the soil dry until you can stick your finger in an inch and it doesn't feel wet,

    I water my soil plants when the leaves just start to droop, when it looks thirsty. It's working well so far.
  19. Cool, Thanks Noober I will try that method. when I water them I assume no other ferts right?
  20. You're welcome.

    I would give them pH adjusted water with H2O2, no additional ferts for now.


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