I think my neighbors sell

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  1. So I live a mile or so outside from my small ass town, about a year ago this old couple built a small place across the road from my house. We've talked to them just a couple times; they're very enthusiastic people, don't have jobs(From their house add-ons I'd say they're retired), and always have cars coming in and out. Even during late at night.

    I've never put it together til just now. Could they possibly be drug dealers, or am I just really high? Whats a way I could maybe ask them or hint at them about it, or just to see if they're really dealers or not? :confused:
  2. Invite them over for drinks or something, and leave papers on the table or something like that. Or a beeline wraped lighter.

    They'll pick up on it
  3. Kill your neighbors and raid their shit.
  4. Thats always the fallback option
  5. Hide in their house.jump out and say Suprise!
  6. Lol...maybe theyre really...hospitable?......nahhhhh they sell drugs :laughing:
  7. Good way to get maced/stabbed with a kitchen utensil
  8. Could be dealers. Question is what exactly are they dealing?
  9. Try and get to know them. It shouldn't be too bad right?
  10. [quote name='"WeedNotDrugs"']Could be dealers. Question is what exactly are they dealing?[/quote]

    Homemade chocolate-chip cookies........ Full of weed:smokin:

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