I think my neighbors being too hard on his kid...

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  1. This kid was always well-behaved and polite.  I doubt he's causing trouble at school but I never really see him outside playing with friends.  Sometimes his friends go over his house but not too often.  Maybe he goes over to there houses idk.
    Well one time the dad was going in on his kid so loud. Not sure if he hit him or not but probably.  Anyway, someone called the cops on him, maybe the son.  Then he had to talk to them and he was obviously really pissed off.
    He seems to have a real short temper and he may be drinking a lot so the alcohol fuels his rage.  I never thought he drank that much but starting to think so after seeing some of this stuff.
    Lately it's like everyday.  Maybe the kids just getting to that rebel middle-schooler stage but I'm starting to wonder what's going on over there.  Before I heard him like "Open your mouth! Eat it!" in just a real forceful way.
    They have a young girl like 2 years old. I heard the mom yelling at her like "PICK IT UP!" and kept screaming at the little girl.  The father you'll hear yelling "SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!".  I think they do a good job as parents to keep their kid from being some punk kid but it just seems like too much.
    It's just getting a bit annoying to have to hear the screaming that goes on over there day after day.

  2. Yeah I can see how that bullshit could quickly kill a good buzz
  3. I would contact child services. Obviously he isn't abusing the kids hardcore but this will possibly scare the parents into not being such assholes. You can do it anonymously so nobody would know.
  4. I dunno... 2014 has ALOT of disrespectful young kids. 12, 13, 14, year olds getting high, having sex, cussing like sailors. Parents need to tighten down, in my opinion.
  5. Its not just 2014. Kids have been rebellious for a long time. For some, its just part of growing up.

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  6. Shirtless guys right, these kids even have cellphones at the age of 10-14.
    Half the time their parents have no clue what they are doing.
    Parents get negative feedback for spanking a child or using discipline, so the children have an upper hand and walk all over the parents.

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  7. Kids these days should worry about which cartoons they can squeeze in after school before bed, not how they can steal liquor from their parents bottles and get fucked up.

    Even 15 yr old girls dress like they are 21 going out for the night.

    Not to mention some of the fucked up shit on the internet kids can easily access these days.
    Whether on a phone, school computer or at home.

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    Calling child services is only going to worcing things for the family. They don't need the extra bûllshit of dealing with that crap. . It's easy looking at things like that from the outside and saying "just call the authorities, they will fix it". ,
    Having kids is stressful. I remember when my daughter was 18 months all she would do is cry cry cry cry cry cry. It really got on my nerves. I would give her a new clean diaper, sme food, juice, water, milk, everything and she would still cry. I understood there is a reason why she is cryin, i just couldnt figer out what it was at that moment. and then a second later, she would stop and all is well. it's very frustrating. Throw in the mother who is tripping because the daughter is acting
    Ike a two year old and eventually the daddy is going to snap and he can't take it anymore. So many times I would go into my closet and just scream into the shirts (I try to never let my kids see me loose it) .lil kids can be frustrating....i agree the drinking can be bad, unfortunately society tells ÿou drinking is ok and smokeing weed is bad. In Tx anyways
    Op do you really want to help? go over and offer to smoke a joint with the daddy....maybe he will see the weed buzz is so much more manageable then the alcohol buzz
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    Yes! It is very annoying when you see some fine chick in a sexy skirt, with a nice ass, nice titles...still in high school,lmao
  10. I cant say I can relate to that.
    maybe highschool girls, but im only 19 myself haha

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  11. Haha well enjoy being 19 while you can. Have as much fun you care to have and don't let anything tie you down in life
  12. You're right.

    But let it be known that spanking is NEVER good for a child. It's a fact. Regardless of social pressures.

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  13. I think it's perfectly fine as long as you dont go overboard.
    It disciplines the child and it shows household dominance.

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  14. I wish it was that simple, I already have the depressing realization of an old age man.
    It is what it is.

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  15.  2nd that
  16. serio my cousin friend idk how she got my snapchat but she added me but she's 14 and smoking weed I'm mean it's cool with me she's not my daughter but she young she should wait lol

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    I humbly request that you watch the entire length of this video.


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  18. If your neighbor seems approachable, go over there and ask him to tone it down. You can tell him something along the lines of, "It's not my place to judge how you raise your children.... But the yelling is becoming overwhelming..." That way, he doesn't feel like you're attacking him. If he gets upset, kick him in the vagina :D

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  19. Mind your business
  20. this... If you feel like they are legit trying to be the best parents they can, just trying to be like "hey, scale it back a little bit, for all our sakes, and b t dubs, weed is better at managing stress than wild turkey..."
    but if you feel like there might be actual physical abuse going on, you should get on that shit... i know its kinda hyperbolic but the idea of neighbors abusing their children is reminiscent of the song/video "concrete angel" by...i believe its Martina McBride.
    as for the debating... i was raised in a household that used corporal punishment, turned out okay aside from unrelated traumas...and developed masochism, though i imagine that is a relatively typical reaction to getting spanked during younger years

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