I think my mom is crazy. Or maybe I am?

Discussion in 'General' started by go_green, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Well maybe not crazy, just brainless. I just got blood and urine testing for kidney/bladder infections and stuff and found out I have mono and a possible stone. Well since stones are painful, doctors usually give out opiate pills right? Well I told her i would rather just say fuck to the money and just buy a 1/2 of pot and use that instead of popping down code named cocaine basically. Anyone else find me more sane in this idea, or just find me crazy for rather taking an illegal plant instead of taking a legal opiate pill?
  2. cocaine? Erm... opiates and cocaine are not the same :p

    But yes, a lot of people prefer marijuana over manufactured pharms. I, myself, prefer both.. at once. :D:cool:
  3. Well kidney stones can be extremely painful, so I would want to have those pills on hand, to be entirely honest.

    But that being said, I use marijuana to treat almost all my pain instead of taking Vicoden anymore. But if you're asking for your mother to pay for it, well ...
  4. I feel ya there mang... dude can't hustle up a little bit of money? Shit i live in a small town n if I really needed a hundo or two I could have that shit hustled in a few hours easy. Big city should be easier.

    Put ya mind to it mang.. get rid of pills n git weed, feel me? :rolleyes:
  5. ^ see, what they say is true, business opportunity at every corner.:cool:
  6. I can see this now: "Hey mom, how about instead of the pills you give me the money for a bunch of marijuana." If I was a kid and said that to my mom, I would have been slapped.

    I'm all for using weed to treat the medical issues though, seriously, and since I've stopped taking pills for whatever reason, I have been a shit load healthier.
  7. ok true, but i mean like, they are both opiates. its like caffeine, you can get it in a red bull or a coffee, two different drinks, but they are essentially getting you the same thing right? caffeine.

    yea, i would have them on hand, just incase. but I mean, if its not too bad, wouldn't a joint or two be much better for you than popping down pills?

    anyways, whiskey, she would pay for the pills, well the copay that is, i would pay for the pot and keep it away from her. She believes if its legal its okay for you, but if its illegal, its gunna kill you.

  8. like someone else said. cocaine isint an opiate.

    On the other hand you are kinda un-sane, sure weed is the best, but the opiates will REALLY get rid of the pain (considerably more-so than weed), and if you get generics they will be ALOT cheaper than a half (of dank)
  9. Cocaine is not an opiate. It's a stimulant.:rolleyes:
  10. will weed really help you with pain from a KIDNEY STONE? i mean i hear of stories with MJ helping pain but damn....
  11. No its not the same thing.

    and if your stupid enough to think weed is gonna help with a kidney stone and when you get throat fucked from the mono. then by all means grab some bud and prepare for the worst month of your life.
  12. Is passing kidney stones really more painful than child-birth? I mean that is what I heard. Is it true? Fuck I can't even imagine passing those fuckers through my......I'l stop there, my crotch just tightened from thinking about it.
  13. To be completely honest, if you live under her roof, rent free, you don't have a choice. Just be respectful and take the pills. It's not hard.

    And you're wrong about cocaine. An opiate contains the narcotic alkaloids found in opium, cocaine is made from coca plant.
  14. i gotta say i would choose both. or...make money off the pills and get more weed.
  15. Passing a kidney stone is an intense pain....not entirely sure weed will help you there. I would take the pills. Also, coke is much different than pills that have opium in them....
  16. Okay, sorry about calling coke and pills the same thing. I was misinformed. seems to happen a lot lately with drugs.

    But yea, it is under her house and all. I don't know if it would help with the pain of a kidney stone, but I'm sure it would probably be better for the body than popping prescription pills.
  17. You're going to be in for a surprise when you finally pass those stones. Take the pills, you're going to want them.
  18. Let the man take this opportunity to learn from a mistake.

    But dude, take the pillage, smoke some dope on the side if you want, but take the pillage.
  19. Dude you will be pissing out a small rock, do I need to tell you how painful that will be?
  20. good point. but on the lighter side, in the process of finding out i may have a stone and not just a kidney infection, I found out i have mono. man i love this time of year. no more snow and all turns to hell.:hello:

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