I think my mom got too carried away...

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  1. Yeah, I went to an all boys school for high school and you definitely party more at them. It was a well known fact in my town that the kids from my school were the big partiers. We also got more girls than kids at co-ed schools haha. Just how it works.
  2. I'm sure this has been stated before, didnt bother reading the whole 2 pages;)


    She thinks making him go to an all boys school will stop[/U] him from smoking weed? Boy...parents these days.

    Small chance that girls at his school were pressuring him into smoking weed, if anything it was guys, and it probably wasnt even pressure he just likes smoking weed.
  3. Tell your mom to watch The Union if she anti weed, and tell your brother to get his shit together. I don't get why people smoke at school, everyone I know who smokes at their high school gets busted. College doesn't really care, but still stupid.

    I'd suggest talking to her about the severity and mentioning everything that's been said about going to an all guys school, specially an all guys boarding school
  4. lol "SAC"
  5. Yep thats a perfect way to make your son hate you for life besides he will still go to parties even though hes not going to school with the people who start them

  6. ATT 4 LIFFEEE...

    and i agree that puts the rents in a bad position. Noone will make her undefstand that it wont solve anything but potentially make it worse. she just like your brother will learn from there mistakes. Smoking at school should have been the last spot he ever would have thought about to smoke at. find a park or something..once 3:00 hits get away from school.
  7. wherever there is an all boys school 99% of the time an all girls school is right near it
  8. Its like attempting to put out a tire fire with gasoline.

    My parents were too busy with my autistic brother to even try and curtail my partying hence I was a D and F student throughout my high school career, miracle I fucking graduated. I don't blame my parents, I was a fucking idiot then and I'm an Idiot now. The difference, I would say is that now I'm an arrogant Idiot so I'm stupid but I just don't give a fuck anymore. If you have a problem with how pompous I am then fuck you because I owe nothing to anyone besides myself. Sometimes I feel like moving to Belfast and drinking myself to death after burning down a post office.
  9. How old is he?
  10. Yeah she got carried away and re-acted in a quick manner. But your brother is also in the wrong for smoking at the school. 2 weeks suspension is harsh the most i got for fights was 3days. He'll probably transfer back to regular high school after a semester at this all boy school.
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    All boys schools probably have the douchie spoiled kids all over them, so I would talk to your mom about that or your brother wil become one

    not even private school with girls and boys

    not to mention tell her its the 20th century also
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    Fuck yeah, I'd LOVE to smoke there. I prefer smoking surrounded by nature and beauty so that looks perfect.

    Back to topic, talk to your mom calmly and explain to her that this won't help. Parents need to be parents to their kids not put them in a school that's strict so they can do nothing.

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