I think my mom got too carried away...

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  1. So, my brother got busted by the principal for smoking weed at school last Friday and got suspended for 2 weeks. Well, my mom was livid and is deciding to switch my brother to an all boys school because my mom thinks that it will get him from stopping weed and going to parties. Don't you guys think my mom got too carried away? I think that is pretty harsh..if my mom did that too me, I would run away.
  2. i think thats pretty bs lol and i dont see how it would help anything
  3. No pussy for him!
  4. More boys equals a bigger chance of partying.
  5. Your brother was smoking weed AT school, I think he was the one getting carried away. Parents react differently to different situations, and he put his mom in a tough spot. She only has the best intentions for him, if not she wouldn't bother to give a crap. And you solve nothing by running away from problems. Your mom didn't run away from this problem.

    /Dr. Phil
  6. wow that campus is beautiful
  7. So, your mother decided to take him out of his world of safe marijuana use, and shanghai him into the underground world of butt piracy.

    P.S. People at all boys schools actually go more out of their way to get fucked up. Think about it, its like a football team but isolated from women! a bunch of guys getting fucked up, driving around trying to find parties with girls at them.

    Logic, my friend. Always a better idea than impulse.
  8. He's lucky that they didn't send him to a military acadamy, that happened to a classmate of mine when I was in high school. Never heard what happened to him after that, which was long ago.
  9. Im Californian, and I know so many kids that have white-ass rich parents, and they all eventually get sent away to Utah. I, on the other hand, still smoke in my house, and have never been arrested, in spite of my four seperate citations and three suspensions :hello:

    And no, I don't have bad parents. They're together, unlike many kids parents these days, and theyre smart .
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    Dude just shut up.

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  11. And getting raped. I remember some Intervention episode this lady would never call the cops on her heroin addict son because the older son she called the cops on a long time ago and sent him to an all boys school now he hasn't left his room for 20 years, forreel.
  12. I even told her it was a bad idea, but she just does not seem to get it...I just do not get her :S ...I have know idea how this is going to work out or make him 'better' in that case...my mom is an idiot as far as I am concerned :|
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    constructive post dumb fuck.

    Your brother will be fine, I'm sure he won't smoke at school again.

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  14. Lol I agree...this is a weed community forum :S

    I am sure he will smarten up and not smoke at school anymore, but my mom should have just grounded him for 2 months...im sure it would still do the same effect
  15. Yeah, maybe even more effective. At home she can monitor what he's doing, but who knows maybe she'll change her mind down the road.
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    Does your mom think turning your brother gay will stop him from smoking weed?
    My parents sent me to a 3 month wilderness program followed by a 7 month stay at a therapeutic boarding school far far away in the most boring state in the U.S. for smoking weed and doing bad in a shitty ghetto school, thinking they would turn my life around and scare me from ever smoking weed again. They were massively wrong. I returned a few months ago when I turned 18 and I've been blazing up since then. In fact, most of the kids I know who have been through those sorts of programs came out traumatized and immediately turned back to drugs to numb the pain. Fortunately I am not like that, I like to think positively and do what's right for myself. I'm getting my diploma in this easy online program which allows me to do school on my own schedule, and in the meanwhile I have time to work a part-time job. Which was an option my parents overlooked from the beginning. Right now they have no idea I've been smoking because I've been covering it up so well. Tell your brother to stop being a dumbass and not get caught, and please express your opinions about this decision to your mom before it's too late and fucks up your brother's life. Some people just do not get it, like my parents, and there is no convincing them. Your mom might be one of those people. However, you might be able to convince her to give your brother a second chance, or convince your brother to convince her under the condition he won't smoke weed (or at least won't get caught anymore).
  17. I thought when you were over 18, "running away" was called "moving out"?
  18. Lol I do not think she is that stupid..but maybe who knows. I do not even know how my brother could be so stupid with getting caught at school, I never did. Wow, seems like this is the worst thing she could ever do to my brother...this really worries me lol. My mom is someone you cannot convince no matter what you do, so he is basically screwed.

    My mom always told me and my brother that we both will move out when she decides it is the right time lol...so I dont no what to do..I do not even get what the whole big deal is about smoking anyways...way better then alcohol
  19. How was your brother's behavior before he got suspended? Is he in trouble a lot? How are his grades? I find it hard to believe that your mother made this decision at the spur of the moment.
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    LOL the college is called >>>SAC<<<

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