i think my main goal right now is to

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  1. get a girl friend.

    should I stop smoking weed for a little to accomplish this?

    I feel like I am too scatterbrained/anxiety to approach random girl's i don't know and natural feeling/social ambition comes easier when I'm not blazing.

    is quitting smoking for a little to find a girl a good idea?

    i have a girl in one of my classes in my mind but i haven't had a good opportunity to say anything and its actually during a lame class :confused: i sometimes get too introverted when i see a girl that i like

    i haven't had a girl friend in to0o0o long and i live in a really boring state so this is probably a good idea. or maybe i should take loads of kratom before i decide to talk to her

    :smoke: help me out here blades...... tHaNx
  2. Why is getting a girlfriend your main goal ? Is it really THAT important ? Why do you even want one ? These are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding what to do. Remember a girl is just a person , they're not that big of a deal.

  3. K so he didn't ask you if getting a girlfriend was a good idea....

    Anyways, think of it this way, if you stop smoking weed and you get a girlfriend then what happens when you start smoking again. What if this girl doesn't like that way you act when you smoke, or have been smoking? If you don't want to quit smoking for a girlfriend then it's best not to because you want a girlfriend who will accept/love you for exactly who you are. If you stop smoking weed to get a girlfriend then you may be getting a girlfriend who likes you but then she finds out you smoke weed and tries to make you quit or breaks up with you.
  4. good point, but weed would def come up in conversation from the get go...........

    i always end up talking about weed somhow.............

    i want a girl friend for personal reasons and you are right that a girl is just a person and not a big deal really....... i would like to \ get in a good relationship with someone, no rush i guess, but i live in a very quiet town and i think having a girlfriend would be beneficial and im in no way trying to sell my soul to anyone. i hate people that are owned by their girls

    i'm very specific with girls and i may have a good chance with someone in one of my classes

    i'm bad at introducing myself to people i don't know if i don't have anything relevant to say . i find it way easier to meet people when i am completely sober- and once i know them i enjoy being high as long ast they're not annoying.

    im really the same with weed or without but the problem with budda is that it just makes me second guess myself when im not sure how to approach

    taking kratom may be the better idea i guess/ weed just has a way of getting myself lost in thoughts, smoking before class could be an even better idea . maybe the problem is that i only smoke at night ;/ ?

    * stoned*
  5. I think the best thing to do is to just go about your day normally. Putting emphasis on finding a girlfriend can be stressful (Especially if you "suck at introducing yourself"). You should probably look at cutting back on bud rather than quitting. And what i mean by this is; If you have a opportunity to go out with some friends or smoke a bowl by yourself/with the same group, you should hit the social enviroment instead of being in the same old stoned comfort zone (lol nice rhyme there!). Don't be scared or nervous to approach attractive strangers at a party/after class/in a store/etc. And lastly, don't be scared of rejection! Most of the time I'm rejected, I usually (there are some bitches out there) get a smile in my losing efforts.

  6. Well according what you just said, I wouldn't smoke or take anything and go try my luck, as long as you know the girl won't judge you or try to stop you from smoking weed then it's ok. Since you said it doesn't really change your personality then not smoking would be the best choice so you don't second guess yourself. In the end it all comes down to this, I think you should do what you think would work best and I wish you the best of luck. As for starting a conversation, just say hello and ease your way into talking with her more often, and just talk about things that interest you and her, and current things or give her compliments, if theres a connection you'll both hopefully be able to feel it. If she rejects you, then don't worry about it, there are plenty of girls out there and sooner or later you'll find someone that's perfect for you. If it ever gets to the point where you think she would go for it, ask her if she wants to chill one day (I don't mean get high, unless she smokes, just hanging out) If you both have a good time then you'll know exactly what to do from then. Best of luck buddy :D
  7. thank you :]

  8. yeah just take a break.
    get a girl.
    then start up again.
  9. No problem bro, I wish you the best of luck in your journey :smoke:
  10. Whats the big deal. Being single is awsome. Go get laid instead. It sounds to me like you just want some social acceptance.
  11. you don't want a girlfriend...

    trust me....
  12. Don't get a girlfriend just to have a girlfriend. It wont last long that way.

    Find a girl you really enjoy spending time with.
  13. Fuck girls.

    I just say that out of extreme bitterness, and the fact I am in exactly the OP's position.

    I don't even care anymore. I often wonder if all of university, I won't find anyone that I click with. And heck, it's only a week and a half in. I won't quit smoking weed, even though it will probably help, but whatever.
  14. i was blazing before college today and realize that talking to girls is actually easier when I am high. just need to learn how to lose my inhibitions which I am practicing

    it could be because i am on krAtOm though, weed taste so good on kratom and my anxiety seems to dissapear . no reason to ever stop blazing really

  15. i sat next to that girl in class today but we were watching a movie so once again i didn't really say shit but there were some good laughs. she was definetely looking my way a few times ;[]

  16. Then start up a convo next time before class starts or sumtin.

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