I think my lungs are clouded...

Discussion in 'General' started by funkydope12, May 27, 2010.

  1. So essentially i've been smoking for somewhere around four or five years now (haha cant remember exactly) and recently i've noticed that whenever i smoke with some of my friends it always seems like im getting way bigger hits than they are. we usually do personal bowls and the bowl size will be the same but when i exhale im letting out billowy clouds of thick smoke while they let out think whiffs.. i never thought anything of it until my sister said that maybe my lungs dont absorb the smoke like they used to.. i dunno though what do you guys think? oh ive also been smoking jacks for like six years too.
  2. maybe you just know how to take a bigger hit...like when me and my gf puff a bowl, she hits it for longer and gets way less than i do....because my lungs are fucking massive compared to hers....she is tiny hahahaha ill take in a quick puff, inhale some air and a cloud of smoke is just whooooosh...she hits it, pulls hard, and gets your average hit....
  3. I doubt that it's because you aren't absorbing it. I find that the cleanliness of the bowl and how it's packed make a huge difference on how it hits. If your bowl is super dirty and you pack it to tight you are going to get shitty hits. If your bowl is clean you are going to get better hits. Also nice fluffy popcorn but burns so much nicer that bricky mids. I use a screen and grind if I'm smoking mids but if I'm smoking dank I just pop the buds right in the bowl.
  4. haha yea thats pretty much the same situation. It just seems so odd that not everyone would be able to take the same kind of hit.. haha
  5. Yea i totally agree. Smoking heads seems to give you a thicker nicer hit than mids :)
  6. well i mean there are so many factors, like if you were the descendent of a line of swimmers who were naturally inclined t have bigger lungs, you could probably take a much bigger rip then a guy whose parents smoked when he was a kid and he smokes now......... lungs arent a consistancy or anything hahahahhaha, i used to swim so my lungs expanded, but i smoke cigs, so i have huge unhealthy lungs hahahahaha
  7. Hahahaha my dad used to be the biggest stoner when he was a kid. He spent his late teens and early twenties in the seventies haha. And i used to swim for the longest time and know for a fact that i have a large lung capacity so yea thats prolly it.
  8. Shit I just realized that was your first post.

    Welcome to the city bro.

  9. hahaha yea, your in my situation, swimmers lungs.... And WELCOME TO GC MAN i didnt notice this was the first!!!!!
  10. haha thanks guys! i've been wondering these forums for years and finally decided to make an account :)

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