i think my girlfriend is pregnant...damn..

Discussion in 'General' started by ChiliPeppers420, May 22, 2008.

  1. ok so me and my girl just started having sex. last friday we fucked 5-6 times, i used a rubber everytime. now its almost been a week and she is complaining of being sick to her stomache, peeing constantly, and back pain. i read these are all signs of pregnancy, please someone tell me to fucking chill and she isnt pregnant, or atleast MIGHT not be. the worst of it is im 19, and she's 16. wow.:(
  2. why doesn't she take a test?
  3. Not a good thing for you. Hope it works out man, I'll smoke one for ya
  4. ipack--..she just started having the symptoms today..im taking her to get one tommorow.
  5. yeah don't freak out just yet man.. shit could be anything.. I dated a woman one time who got similar symptoms when her period was about to start.. so wait on more conclusive evidence
  6. well it was her first time..and ive heard that urinary tract infections are common with that shit..but fuck dude, its guna be a sleepless night. might as well toke some resin..
  7. she's young.. dumb- gotta while before shes full of nuts... but regardless

    im assuming u put her back out, applying a smashing.

    and if she happens to be preggo, i, like your moms, will stand by your choice. and wish u the best of luck
  8. i heard from my high school psychology teacher that women can actually convince themselves that they're pregnant and start showing symptoms - almost like the placebo effect

    whatever happens, good luck
  9. Try to not worry. I've been in the situation many times before after being a lot less responsible than you and it always turned out fine *crosses fingers*

    *knock on wood* just to be safe.
  10. have fun in jail =P
  11. 16 is usually at or above the age of consent for most states
  12. you should wait at least another week for her to take a pregnancy test if its a home one because it takes like 12 days for the chemical it tests for to show up in urine and you could get like a neg. result and she could actually be preg. also if shes going to the bathroom but it jus feels like she has to go a lot and only goes a little then she probally has a uti same with the back pain she should see a doctor and get some antibiotics and it will go away really fast
  13. ok well since u guys just started dating and/or having sex theres a couple things you need to make sure you do, or you WILL end up with her pregnant aight??

    some bitches are psycho and want a baby, this happened to one of my friends, the girl said that she was pregnant (turned out it was a lie), she never showed him the pregnancy test and was just like oh fuck. he then proceeded to fuck her like crazy (they fucked like rabbits from the getgo) without a rubber bustin every nut in herm but suprisingly she never got pregnant after like a month of strait dope us

    he had a very shocked look on his face when i made tis statement to him at one of his parties. i was just like "hey man, did u see the actual pregnancy test? cuz she sure is excited about havin this baby" and he said no, so i was like "i bet you've been fuckin her raw without a condom on so now her plan to get pregnant wil definitely work. haha rendered him fuckin speechless

  14. When I was 19, I had sex with this 15-year-old girl at a party because of several factors (aclohol, grass, her saying she was 18, me having a hard-on, etc.). I didn't find out until a few days later, but I didn't worry about it, because back then the age of consent was 14. It's fun to know your laws, regardless of subjects, because not only is it just a good idea, but it's fun to use your legal knowledge to fuck around with people.
  15. Hmm. Sounds to me like you guys are just paranoid. If I had a dollar for every time my body made me think I was pregnant, I'd be a rich mofo.
  16. Take a test every few weeks JUST to make sure.

    Wow. It sounds JUST like me. My boyfriend was 20 and I was 16 at the time I got pregnant. It ended in a miscarriage before I knew I was pregnant though. Fucking scary I came so close to ruining everything.

    Just please please be involved at least with the baby if she does happen to be pregnant.
  17. One of my friends are in the same situation, she hasnt bled for 10 days i believe, just take the test and hope for the best.
  18. anyone else think the male should have a major say in whether the baby is born or not since we gotta pay for the fuckin thing for the next 18 years of its life... i mean shit sure u can use the excuse that the chic has to carry the baby around n shit in her and eat right, but if we dont want the baby then they dont have to do nothin except get a vacuum hose stuffed up there
  19. amen *knocks on wood too* lol
  20. just like pink said...she could just be freaking out..ive done it a bunch of time, you scare yourself pregnant! lol

    and neg, im not arguing with you that they guy should have a say whether or not he either wants the baby or wants to be in its life but abortions CAN leave serious mental and physical scars, including infertility and serious infection

    i vote that if a guy KNOWS that he never wants kids...why not just get snipped? then youll NEVER have to worry about it...
    my uncle got snipped when he was like 19..and this chick he was with in his late 20s said that she was preggo...he just laffed at her and THEN told her about him being snipped..she turned soo fucking red and left, never to return...apparently she got caught red handed cheating

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